Monday, September 7, 2009

Hermana Daly~Sept. 7, 2009...Chilean Independence Day

Hola familia!!
> September is the patriotic month of Chile!! All are preparing for Chile Independence Day...September 18th. Lots of Chilean flags and colors everywhere. It supposedly bigger than Christmas with lots of empanadas and food, so Ipretty excited lol. However the soccer games are taking a toll on the work. The day of a soccer game with Chile playing means preparing BBQ all day and not having time to talk to anyone, especially missionaries haha. So those days are always fun...i do like smelling the bbqs though. The work is continuing forward. We have some great new investigadors, just need to get them all progressing towards a baptismal date. But we do always see little miracles when investigadors are praying or reading the scriptures. Edison and Luciano are doing great! Edison gave the prayer in a class yesterday in Church...and his words and Spirit were very beautiful. It is amazing the changes one has with the gift of the Holy Ghost. I couldn't help from smiling during his prayer. He has really changed his life to focus on the spiritual things and become a better father, which is what counts most in life. I am so grateful for the mission experiences I have the opportunity to see.
> The menos activos are doing well. We had 15 at church yesterday! We shared with one mom who regretted marrying a non-member who later got baptized for her but without a testimony because now she and her family are suffering spiritually. We have seen many of these cases...and all the women beg us not to marry guys who aren't super active in the church and have a strong testimony But the miracle was that she drug her husband to church yesterday...and was the first Sunday they have been at Church in years! Her inactive sister came too! It truly was a miracle...the nephew Sergio wanted a camera to take a picture of his uncle in church clothes haha. Love the Gospel and love the mission and love you all!! Stay strong and help others remain strong in the gospel as well!!!
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly

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Bob said...

And we thought our football games made people crazy and kept them out of church...Que potente, La Hermana Alysia!