Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Elder Daly~Oct 13, 2009...a most scrumptulescent week!

Hey hey! It was a most scrumptulescent week here in warsaw. Mainly because i got mail... thanks for the package mom and family (miniwheats for the win! ive been in heaven) , letter steph, grandma and grandpa, youve been way faithful writers, sorry i havent! you guys are the best though, thanks

highlights of the week ...

camos birthday!!!! happy birthday cam... we'll have to have our own party when i get back but i hope you had a good one and scored some cool stuff. miss you soooo bad. najlepszego!

they put a haagen daaz in by our office on nowy swiat street... bomb. cookies and cream, my love

we went laser tagging for pday

i finally got to go to sacrament meeting in warsaw.. soo good to see the members again

had some ridiculously funny experiences trakting.. to be continued.. sometime

we met with some members (kinda inactive) that are struggling way bad right now... we had some of the best discussions ive had in a long time and we both benefitted from them im sure.

We met greg.... last week we were leaving the south chapel and turned onto the main street to head towards the metro.. and this guy in a hoodie, just chilaxin on the corner, kinda grumbles from his hood "ehh jehowi" ..which is what the poles call the JW's... i HATE being called a JW... so i spin around and just start heading towards him... kill him with some kindness and coolness and introduce myself to him... he's a polish guy from LA, cali .. he speaks perfect polish and english like a thug (forgot what american cursing sounds like, made me miss cali) but he's a way smart guy who owns his own company here. We exchanged contacts and went on a walk with him just last night. It was drizzly out but we just walked around our neighborhood (he lives right by us) and talked about the world and its condition. He shared with us life story and his search for God and for truth. He has prayed everyday for5 years to find the truth and said that he'd all but given up hope in faith, mankind, and any sort of individual purpose. It was a really spiritual discussion that ended in his desire to read the book of mormon and pray. We really feel he is elect and ready.

that news here... yeah mom its getting cold in a hurry.. gahh... its supposed to snow this week, we'll see...i guess my fast for warm weather till november 20th wasnt legit. bummer

have a another wonderful week... loves from warsaw

elder daly


Ben N Nessa said...

Love reading your mail...yay, for Greg. It's so funny how I forget that there are so many people looking for the truth....

Bob said...

El.Sean finishing Strong!

Steph said...

Thanks for the shout out, Sean :) We're glad you're having success!