Monday, October 5, 2009

Hermana Daly~Oct 5, 2009...yay for Conference!

Hola familia!!The Internet is´s a miracle!!! Lol. I am spiritually regenerated from General Conference! It was amazing as always watching all the session...and in English to help us gringos relearn English. We had our own room to watch it in the chapel and the Elders put a “no speaking spanish” rule while in the room haha. It was a bit hard, forgetting to speak in English...who da thought haha. But I feel a little more confident in my English after watching all of conference. I loved it!! Learned tons about how to become a better disciple of Christ, and how we must never stop progressing in this life, which seems like a lot of work to me. I need to continually be diligent and become more pure, more full of love, and more Christ-like. I´ve already learned tons about how to in the mission, but I must keep increasing and giving all to my Heavenly Father.We did have tons of investigadors that came to conference too!! It was great! We have a few investigadors that are really progressing, and all loved hearing the prophets and apostles. However, the menos activos were a bit lazy to get themselves to conference. We are just trusting that they didn´t make it because they were all watching it obediently through Internet at home lol :) We are continuing forth in faith and lots of leg work to get to all the places we can, up and down the sandy hills of Iquique. We have lots of help from a few jovenes that like to help the missionary work. And then after Priesthood joven came up to us and asked what he could do to help us. I don´t know what they talked about it priesthood session, but it must have been motivating. We need lots of help from the really prepare the world and build up God´s kingdom. I am so grateful and blessed to be a missionary in this time. I love His work and hope to do all I can while I am here serving the Chilean people!!! Lots of love,Hermana Daly

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Bob said...

...and you just gave us another spiritual feast with this great e-mail and pictures!

God bless you, Hma. Alysia