Monday, October 26, 2009

Hermana Daly~Oct 26, 2009...staying in Iquique for another cambio!

Hola familia,Cambios are today! And I am staying in Iquique! Hermana Lugo is off to Antofagasta tomorrow and Hermana Chavez is coming down from Alto Hospicio, which is just a half an hour up the hill. So I look forward to working with her…I don´t know her very well, just met her in one zone conference. I think she is from some country in Central America and seems fun…so will we see. We have lots of work to do with the goal of four baptisms in each sector before the end of the year. Sadly, Carmen and Alvaro couldn´t get baptized this past weekend. They dropped us with the surprise of being “convive” which means they aren´t legally married because Alvaro is still doing divorce papers since 10 years ago…Chile is terrible for trying to get divorced because divorcement is a new thing here as of a few years but the process is long and expensive. So we were all sad, and Alvaro is now a bit unmotivated and bummed. We are praying that all the legal stuff gets done fast, but we don´t think that it will be by the end of the year…so there goes two wonderful baptisms for the future.So that left us with lots and lots of work. We are trying to find more new investigadors and quick. Our mission focus is giving service, relying on the Lord with great humility, and obtain Christ-like attributes. Satan is really giving us the tests these first few weeks of this mission goal. Our district had 9 baptismal dates, which all fell threw except for two. We are striving to stay motivated and Pres. Urra wants to be more fun…more Family Home Evenings with members and their neighbors, more happy in the street, and sharing the gospel through gladness and joy. We had a testimony meeting on the beach Saturday morning to also motivate us. Then today we received news of lots of cambios. Pres. Urra took two elders out and put two sister missionaries in the sector next to ours. He took two elders out of another sector a few weeks ago and put sister missionaries in it too. So now we will have 6 sister missionaries in Iquique! Crazy…from 2 to 6…so I´m excited to have company. So let´s see what the Lord has in plan for Iquique!! Lots of ├ínimo and faith!! Love you all!! Keep helping out the missionaries…I gave a talk in Sacrament meeting yesterday, trying to motivate the members to work…it´s really the vision the Lord has for His Church---members being the finders and missionaries being the teachers. Be the finders and believe that the Lord is preparing your neighbors and friends to hear the Gospel!!! -Hermana Daly

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