Monday, October 19, 2009

Hermana Daly~Oct 19, 2009.......Happy fall...or Happy spring in Chile!

Hola familia!!Happy fall...or happy spring in Chile! And Happy Birthday to Sean in Poland and Happy Belated Birthday to Camo in Idaho. And Happy Future Halloween! I loved you pic mom...of you and dad in your 70s halloween costumes!! I laughed lots. They do celebrated Halloween here in Chile, although I don´t think it´s too big of a deal. I´m not sure, but I guess I will see. I did see a few halloween birthday parties with kids dressed all up and a halloween chocolate section in the grocery store, but gross plastic-tasting chilean chocolate so it´s not too exciting. But I´m tempted to dress up as an angel or something and ask for food and sweets halloween haha.Today we had fun playing in lots of sands...the huge hills or mountains of sand behind our house. All the zone was there and we sand-boarded and sand-sleded. Pretty funny...en vez de snow, we have sand. Although I hiked along the hilltops more than do the sand-boards because I didn´t want to waste the energy that I don´t have hiking up and down the hill lol. So lots and lots of sand!Our ward is great...preparing for Carmen and Alvaro´s baptism!! Alvaro hasn´t smoked for almost two weeks now!!! Still bringing him lots of candies, but he tells us not to worry. He feels so good in the Church that he is willing to give up smoking and keep learning and progressing. So we are way happy for them!!! Love you all tons!!!! Have a great week! -Hermana Daly

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