Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Elder Daly~October 20, 2009..HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEAN!!!

This week was all over the place... i went on a couple of exchanges.. the first i drove down to lublin with elder mcrae to keep the 2 elders company that are serving alone down there... the exchange was cool except for the part when it decided to snow a foot and a half in the middle of october. i hate snow more anything i can think of right now... i dunno if i told you but i got my flight home redirected to arizona and i transfered to byu hawaii for the winter. mom i still havent recieved any sort of flight plans, ill call up the office this week.

the second was with my big DL elder balija... he is quickly becomming one of my all time favorites, probly because he's from vallejo. We had a day packed full of lessons that included David from Ireland accepting to be baptized. He met missionaries before the summer break... and just got back from ireland and he's ready to get dunked, really cool guy.. elder balija and loosli are teaching him.

we went on another walk with our ganggstaa greg last night.. he read! he's doing good but is still struggling with receiving and recognizing answers from God... he's pretty pessimistic about the human situation and just can't accept God as a loving and caring being. we have him set up with the district president, brother hapgood, this week .. should be a just what he needs.

little tidbit of the week: there are 18 countries represented in the South Warsaw branch where im serving. we got fed mongolian food at a members house this week... no comparison to the delectablness of catifsh amok though.. oh how i miss san jose cambodian.

welp.. 21 huh... i have a lot of maturing to do in the next month or you all are going to be severely disappointed ;-) thanks for the birthday wishes.. love you guys

elder daly

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