Monday, April 14, 2008

April 14, 2008..The Investigator and the 3-course meal

hey family! whats s³ychaæææææing? So i decided to stop using myldsmail to send my emails because it keeps freezing up on me, half the time it doesnt send them, and the other eighth of the time i dont get the emails from people. Im not bitter...
This week was incredible because..drum roll.. drum roll again.. and maybe one more time..

we got a new investigator! heck yeahs.. her name is Joanna and she is amazing. Shes like 25 and she just finished college where she majored in some sort of architecture major... im not sure ..the word wasnt in my vocab at the time.. and probably wont be for a while. still working on words like, dog.. sun... box.. actually what is the word for box? fetch.

So since we dont have a chapel here in gdynia we taught her a first lesson inside a little cukiernia bakery type place in the mall next to our apartment. It went well she seemed to accept the lesson ok and she said she'd read and pray so we're praying she follows through for us! We'll have another meeting with her this week. We also had a sitdown lesson with Waldemar the ex-bp.. it went pretty well too. His son was there who had been gone for the past year working at a high class hotel in sicily... so we had some lunch together and we talked about the state of Poland and the world for the majority of the time. As soon as they started talking about taxes and the welfare system in Poland I was pretty lost. He asked me my thoughts on it and i replied with a firm.. "I agree, 100%" We taught him about prayer and he said that he still prays everyday. I also asked him for a referral and he said he's got a lot of people that he knows so he's gunna hook us up with some numbers hopefully. We are going to have some of the members with whom he used to associate with give him a call and invite him to church. Crossing our fingers with him still. He seems really lonely. I dont know where his wife is but shes gone. He has this cat that he loves. I knew from the moment that i saw the "you and your cat" book on his book shelf that he's probably pretty lonely. So yeah.. keep you updated on him.

We had another set up this week with a former investigator. She was way interesting. I had a whole Da grassos pizza for planning session before we went over there because we never told her it was a lunch appointment. So when we headed over there i was already teeming with pizza. And to my surprise and also horror she had prepared a 3 course Polish meal. I dont know if you have ever been to that point where you know that if you put another spoon full of food in your mouth that you are going to blow chunks.. and probably a kidney.. but thats the point i was at on the 2nd course of the meal. And in poland, like anywhere i guess, its way rude if you dont finish it all. So i sucked it up and kept going till i could no longer breath. At that point i think she could tell i was struggling and she assured me i wouldnt get in trouble if i didnt eat it all haha.. saved my life. i threw up later. Anyways we tried talking to her about religion but shes a pretty devout.. yep you guessed it.. buddhist. go figure huh.. she was teaching us all the crazy stuff and how she goes to India every six months to participate in some religious gathering.. it was weird. We taught her some basic priniciples but she wasnt having much of it. She invited us to some meeting they are having next week and said we'd come if she came to our wyklad (discussion/lecture thingy).. she said shed come so we'll see.

Most of our week was spent contacting people about the wyklad. Taught a lot of people.. hung out around the university alot in gdansk which was fun.. talking to people my age.. helping people with their chem homework... its this wednesday, our wyklad.. so we are praying people will come...

anyways that was pretty much my week... hope all is going well over in the states.. lysha travel home safe this week.. thanks SO very much for the music.. you saved my life.. I blast it during language study and it helps me so much.. just something about memorizing polish words and grammar rules while you are on the rolling green plains or ireland that really gets you going.. i love you all .. stay safe

elder sean daly

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