Saturday, April 19, 2008

Last Weeks of London!

Hey everyone...this is my last London blog - sorry it took me forever, finals were insanely busy. But thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!! My mom sent me an amazingly yummy cake and we had quite the party. I got some "alcohol" for my 21st bday...aka sparkling apple juice lol :) Before the chocolate cake party, I went shoppping and spent the night out in the city!!! Yay for 21 :)

The next day, we had the great opportunity to do baptisms in the London was beautiful!

Later that week, some of us went to the church - St. Matin's in the Field - right in Trafalgar Sqaure and listened to a concherto playing various pieces of Bach. Very fun! The next day I went to my first ballet, Sleeping Beauty, with some friends as well. I was very cultural that week lol :)
Saturday, I was a little crazy and decided I wanted to swim in the Serpentine in Hyde Park. They have a small roped off area for swimming, but of course no one in their right mind swims until the water is a little above freezing haha. But I took up the challenge and marked off swimming in the middle of Hyde Park off my list of things to do before I die lol. Of course all the Brits were looking at me and thought I was crazy. But it was near a cafe where a bunch of people were drinking their tea and then they stared at me with surprise when I walked out on the dock in my swim suit. I stuck my toe in and was like wow, it is freezing!!! My roommates cheered me on and then about 30 of the Brits drinking tea starting cheering for me saying "You can do it!!" and "Go, go, go!" I waved at was hilarious, and then I jumped in. It was way cold but after numbing my body, I did some backstroke and butterfly for my roomies!! Good times!!!

I rewarded my swimming with some delicious noodles at Wagamamas...except they only give you chopsticks, so that was a bit difficult for me lol.

The next week was finals...I did a bunch of all nighters because I of course procrastinated all my papers and tests till the very end. I did a break in the middle of the week and went to Wicked for a third time with Britnee. I have grown to LOVE that play and the girl who played Elphaba had the most amazing voice ever!!! I will miss going to plays!

Thursday, April 17, was the last full day in London. So Brit and I planned a fun-filled day. I rode the largest ferris wheel in the world, The London Eye. The view was amazing!!! I LOVE London - it's certainly my new favorite city :) Then we went to beautiful St. Paul's and climbed liked 600 stairs to the top and get another amazing view of London!! Then that night Brit and I took one more final walk through Kensington Gardens, then walked around Trafalgar Square and Picadilly Circus (which is like the Times Square in NY). Then at about midnight, I decided I should start packing...sad day. I pulled one last all nighter and left the BYU center at 6 am for the aiport.

St. Paul's

One last meal at the Center...then the park. Oh and I tried to find the bench Johnny Depp sat in for the movie, Finding Neverland and I think I did find it :)

Night Life in London!

One last tube ride...I'm going to miss the good ol' Tube :)

Then of course I had to stock up on all my British chocolate!!!!! Mmmmmm...GOOD BYE LONDON - I WILL MISS YOU AND ALL THE MEMORIES I HAVE CREATED THERE!!!


Jack & Charlene said...

THANK YOU for taking us with you on your remarkable travels in London, England, Ireland & Paris. It was a Wonderful vicarious trip.

Bob said...

Welcome home, Alysia. Thank you for your witty travelogs and great pictures of Mother England.

C & C Beecher said...

way to make the most of your time in england! how does it feel to be 21? that cake looked amazing! so, now you're off to provo. are the other girls going back to utah too? thanks for sharing all your adventures with us. keep blogging!!!

Anonymous said...

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Bob said...

TV de LCD??? Did you leave a broken Euro heart behind in London, Alysia?