Monday, April 28, 2008

April 28, 2008...the transfer is in...........

Holy smokes its most definitely transfer week... and wouldn't ya know it I'm doing such a terrible job that I'm getting transferred again. Ugh, I actually kind of did want to stay just because i love this area and my district here so much, but alas, I must part ways. I'm being transferred to Warsaw, the king quesadilla if you will. I' going to an area called Bemowo (buh-moah-voah...maybe buh-mow-vow?) phonetics, never really a talent i tried to master. Ill be serving with elder deuel, he's in the group above me.. i dunno what Pres is doing putting me with a 6 month missionary, hopefully he speaks some wicked Polish or we are in trouble ... ill be serving with two new trainees in my district too so that will be interesting, always fun to meet the newbies.. and they are actually the last group to come in until september because apparently there aren't any missionaries coming into the mtc this next week.. the next group will get into the mtc july-ish.Oh and Bemowo is the outreach district in the mission. Basically as outreach, we focus on working with people only from the ages of 18-30 .. so ill probably be spending most of my time at the university talking with my homies, the college students. That is going to be awesome, they are always the most open people.Well this week was a blast, we had Zone conference in bydgoszcz, had some zone p-day the day after, i rocked my knee pretty good playing soccer.. it's a little better now though, snickers and diet coke cures all.. we went on a tour of 'real' 'legit' poland with Waldemar and we worked alot, went to catholic mass and i joined in singing some sweet gregorian chants. the priest was way spoko, any man that can sing the word 'sakrament' and hit 13 different notes to sing a 3 syllable word is alright in my book, maybe not the Lord's though.. "and i think thats whats important" (the jared roberts) anywho i broke my camera.. rather, the sand broke my camera.. so yeah im fetched until i get it fixed and now i cant get pictures of Gdansk for my last 2 days here.. maybe ill go score a disposable one. sorry for the insane amount of money i pulled .. i should probably check how in debt i am online.. the soccer bookies here dont mess around though, im in a bad way with some people.. i think thats why the Lord is transferring me.. actually i just spent an insane amount of money getting some grammar books copiedim sending my package to you guys this week if its the last thing i do (im a terrible son i know) but once you get my tape the wait will all be worth it..tears were shed, feelings hurt, sleep lost.. but the finished product is something some would consider art. well i gotta go pack, warsaw here i come..!love you all so muchelder sean daly

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