Monday, April 7, 2008

Last day trips from London...

Blenheim was a pretty nice was a gift from the monarchy to the Earl of Marlborough when he defeated the French at the Battle of Blenheim. The Marlborough's still live there today.

Pay no mind to our crazy jumping pics lol - we love the challenge of trying to get ourselves in the air with the camera on timer haha :)

Here is Burton-on-the-water and Lower Slaughter, which are villages in the Cotswolds. Basically the Cotswolds are known because they are cute, quaint, little British villages and have great window shopping for the antique lovers and the wealthy lol. Oh and some good ice cream - I got chocolate orange...pretty much amazing :)

So Britnee and I went on one of our London walks through Waterlow Park and had lots of fun with the camera really entertains us haha.

Brit, Jen, and I took a nightly stroll to the Chelsea and Albert was so pretty!!

Some of us took a weekend gettaway to beautiful Brighton, a town on the seaside. The pier was so much fun with some sun, ocean, music, carnival rides, good food, lawn chairs, and yes...
henna tattoos :)

Don't worry, they are not permanent lol.


Caran said...

loved your pictures..cute Alysia! I know you are sad to be leaving such a beautiful country..but we miss you!!!! Come Home soon:)

C & C Beecher said...

SWEET pics!