Monday, April 21, 2008

April 20, 2008...a phenomenal week!

hey family!

this past week was phenomenal ... but what is even more phenomenal is that I made y'all a tape this week which naturally is pretty cool so I'm going to let my tape do most of the filling in on what went down this past week.
But today we went to a city called Hel for pday.. we took about a 2 hour train ride there and let me be the first to inform the world... the road to Hel is most definitely paved with Catholic churches.
It was amazing though.. one of the more northern places in Poland on this kinda peninsula of the Baltic Sea.. yeah i cant really explain it all that well not much of a cartographer but you can check it on like google or something if you have a time .. it is a pretty cool place. We hung out on the beach and just kinda chilled as a district it was a lot of fun. District bonding, nothing better.

We had our wyk³ad this week which went alright. The sisters got a new investigator from it so that makes it a success in my eyes. Joanna didnt have time to meet this past week, hopefully this week. Other than that Gdynia is still Gdynia, the work is still work.. i have a good feeling about this week though. We got to paint some walls for Waldemar this past week as service.. oh deary day... i'll let the tape explain my troubles in attempting such a feat. Zone conference this week in bydgoszcz then transfers next week.. little change will be radabadical (haha lysh remember that?) Oh by the way i got an awesome card from Grandma and Grandpa a few weeks ago, but i thought it was just a post card.. the other day errington goes over and opens it up.. i felt pretty dumb. thanks for the card :-) oh and i dunno if you guys forward out my emails or what not but my friend emily wanted to get them her email is

Great week... Poland is beautiful, the sun is shining and the people are smiling. i love you family

elder daly

'hold fast to the break of daylight..'

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Danska Polska, El. Sean!