Tuesday, April 1, 2008

March 31, 2008...finding the lost sheep

Hey family :-) once again i apologize.. it seems like i never have time to write emails cause im always on the run.. but im in wroclaw right now and i have a set up with the land lord at the legal office in about 45 mins so ill try to keep it brief again. > > yesterday was great, we had our first priesthood meeting that the Gdansk branch has had in i think 5 years... there havent been enough priesthood holders to hold quorum meetings so usually its just sacrament meeting and then sunday school. But today we split into R.S. and priesthood for the second hour (there isnt a third hour) and it was phenomenal, probably the most amazing spirit ive felt in a priesthood meeting in a long time. Right after church Errington and I caught a 9 hour train down here to Wroclaw and got in at about 1130 last night.. spent the night at Duty and Guinns (my old place) its great to be back here again... i miss it so..... after i get my legal stuff done today we'll be taking another 9 hour train back.. so much for a pday huh? :-) itll be good to get it done.. i wont have to come back down to Wroclaw after this i dont think. Hopefully i sit next to some rad homies on the train ride back that i can talk to.. on the way down they werent very friendly. > Umm alot happened this week.. Errington was sick again so one of the days was kinda shot.. we spent a lot of our week advertising free english and this lecture/'come see what we are all about' event that we are doing in a couple of weeks.. so lot of designing flyers and copying and handing out/putting up.. its a great way to start conversations with people.. beats saying "excuse me for a sec, im a missionary :-)" > > errington and i went and served Waldemar (the old BP that i was telling you all about) he works at this museum of photography and radios? its pretty cool actually.. they have slide shows running of all these pictures of historical places then he has oldies music (like american oldies music) playing in the background.. kind of an interesting mix i know. We had a great time.. we help him move some heavy stuff then worked on the computers using an image program to like crop and 'restore' pictures so that they look good enough to put them on the slideshows he's got running. It was a good times because we also played DJ of his museum so we got to choose the oldies that were playing.. aww davage to the max.. we have another set up this week to serve him at which time we are also going to give him the apology letter that Pres. Engbjerg wrote up to apologize for how things ended with the branch closing 6 months ago and to invite everyone back to church. We are also going to meet with him and share that one bednar talk about denying yourself the blessings of full activity... hopefully we get to him.. he's an amazing guy and i know he has a testimony.. he's just being a little stubborn. Errington and I also met with a less active elderly lady in our branch. She is way funny and talked for a good 2 hours.. she claims she's sick and cant make it to church and that even when she does go to church that noone likes her... poles get offended so easily, bothers me... we'll see what happens with her. Umm lots of other stuff that was amazing went down, talked with some people, had some hilarious experiences .. hopefully ill get to put them in my next email.. if not in my tape home that i need to make sometime soon. ugh im so lazy when it comes to mail i apologize. > > ill answer some questions that dad had real quick than head off to the legal office.. > > im in a branch of about 5-6 active members in Gdansk.. we had 10 members in church last sunday though .. well one was an investigator.. who by the way is getting baptized this coming weekend! he rocks.. Piotr, 25 yr old guy. solid. > > Elders do serve as branch presidents in some areas.. not in gdansk though we have pres anderczowski.. hes an interesting egg. i think hes getting released soon and the senior elder we have is here is going to be it, just a rumor though.. i hope not cause that means more translating for interviews and wat not, just kidding.. i lovve translating :-)> > Every Sunday we rent out a hotel room at the Hotel Mercurie... its a nice room.. its funny, for the sacrament we order bread and filtered water from the hotel.. so about 5 minutes before sacr meeting starts this waitress lady comes in with two wine glasses of water and two slices of bread on this ornate tray. > > As far as all the members that went inactive.. some came back.. actually im pretty sure 3 of the 5 that come to church every sunday were members under Waldemar.. they came back as soon and the branch opened back up.. we are undertaking a serious effort to get a lot of these people back.. its hard though beacause some of the records arent up to date and we know that some are excommunicated.. we just dont know which ones.. hmm.. > > thanks for your emails.. life sounds great back home.. hope its warming up for you like it is for us here > > love you all have a great week :-) > > elder daly


Bob said...

Thanks, Caran!

C & C Beecher said...

ok, it cracks me up when he starts like every email saying it's going to be short. i can only imagine how long his emails would be if he didn't have to type everything he wanted to say. : )

Ben N Nessa said...

Cool emails from Sean...I love 'em!