Monday, November 10, 2008

Elder Sean~November 10, companion!

This week was the bomb diggity. I birthed a new son this week in Warsaw. He is the man... I definitely got the best of the batch, he's pretty delicious. Despite the fact that we had to sit on the ground with all his luggage the whole 4 hour train ride to bydgoszcz.. it has been really davage. The polish people love him.. he cant say a whole lot but he says what he can and the people just listen.. ive never seen as many people stop for a missionary like they stop for him. We got a plethera of new investigators and even more numbers just in these last few days of work. We had 2 investigators in church and also marysia is still going strong and has never been better. We are still meeting with her every other day.. she loves the fact that owen cant speak polish so she has taken it upon herself to improve her english skills. I got called again at about 8 saturday night by the branch presidency telling me i had a talk haha.. they love me.. it went alright though i talked on the atonement. We've had the chance to teach a few firsts to new investigators and most of them have been students ..they love helping him out... it is going to be the best transfer to date .. no doubt. he's from california.. fresno area.. baller.

Sorry for being short last week.. but the baptism was good.. i cant remember what i told you.. but the branch president wasnt there.. there was about 12 people there.. i gave a talk as well as Ewa whose member. Andrzej the first counselor said a few things as well which was nice.. we all walked to a gym ymca type thing that was abot 10 minutes away.. the whole time gowski and i were comforting marysia because she was way scared of getting in the pool. when we got there whipple and her changed but then it took another 10 minutes of talking and walking her through it until she finally got in the pool.. then once she was in the pool she asked a for a prayer to be said.. then she was baptized.. afterwards we had some refreshments and chilled at the chapel for a while. Then she was confirmed the following sunday which was way scary for me.. hopefully it was alright. She is doing good now though, her progress is amazing.. she is a miracle.

We had a pretty cool experience this week where we met a girl about our age on the street.. she was interested but when we asked to set up for a later time she said her schedule was way busy.. but she had a few minutes right then... so we walked to a nearby park and taught her a first lesson on a bench by streetlight. She was open to reading and finding out if the book of mormon was true .. it was a cool experience.

well i love you guys.. hope everything is going well back home.. the value of the dollar shot through the roof here for a week now its slowly falling back down.. and i think just about every person i talked with on the street asked me if i voted for obama or mccain... despite how racist poles are.. they love obama. i attached a picture of my mission son.. yeah he's got a couple inches on me.. dangit.

trzymajcie siê

elder sean

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Bob said...

What a great week, El. Sean! Thank you for giving us another Monday spiritual boost.