Monday, November 17, 2008

Elder Sean~November 17, 2008..exceptional week!

o man last week for lysh in the mtc.. sorry i havent sent you anything sis.. i do have a package in mind for ya when you first get to chile though.. enjoy your last few days. you fluent?

Happy birthday in 5 days mother :-) you planning on doing anything spectacular? I'm sure Elder Owen wont mind if we celebrate your birthday by taking a day off.. nah but we will definitely do something cool. I love you mom and i hope your bithday is zajespoko!! Anything cool you want from poland?.. im still searching for something mom daly-ish.. promise next year ill get you something even better cuz the date for my release as of now is nov 20th.. kinda a fat and ugly gift..

this week was pretty exceptional... we have lena who is this cool ukrainian woman who is a cook here in poland and she is studying too i think. We taught her a second and have ewa on the lesson as a member. It was a way good meeting and she was so excited about our faith that after an hour she wanted us to keep going.. unfortunately she didnt make it to church yesterday for some reason or other but she is reading the book of mormon and really seems to like it. We also have this guy named zbyszek who slags and i met a day before transfers.. we gave him a book of mormon and we called him a few days ago to find out that he is read the first 200 pages of the book of mormon and he knows its true! how bout that.. He lives in inowroclaw which is an hour train ride outside of bydgoszcz .. we are going to visit him this week and yeah.. miracle story for sure. We have also been working with wojtek which has been a struggle.. he's still puffing the dragon .. we are meeting with him every other day and calling him every night... i still think he'll get over it soon. The whole district spent a day down in torun trying to get elder bishop and poulter new investigators... they taught 11 discussions and got 10 new investigators this week so they are on fire.. we've recorded the highest numbers bydgoszcz has seen in a couple years so things are pretty good.

cam thanks for putting up the lights for me :-) youre the man

i love you family, have a great week <3


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Bob said...

Heating up in Poland!!! Great work, El. Sean.