Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hermana Daly~November 4, 2008..first snow day:)

Hola familia!
> Today was the first day of lots of snow!! It was so fun walking in it up to the temple...not lol :) I'm glad Heavenly Father sent me to a place with no rain or snow, because I am way happier with the sun haha. But less than three weeks until Chile!!! I can't believe it...I am so so excited! I'm feeling really stuck in such a small place right now.
> The last few days have been a little harder than others. We had a lot of TE appointments in Spanish and the teachers have started throwing us curve balls. My companion has been getting really frustrated with the language and teaching when she can't say what she wants, so then it kinda weighs down our companionship because then I start feeling down as well. It's funny how close companionships are...if one companion is feeling one way, the other one will too. But we have been trying to work through it and focus on having patience and trust in the Lord. It has been better since then.
> Halloween was quite different from the ones in the past lol. Our teacher has started doing a game called Nativo - or native - and secretly picks two people in our district that can only speak Spanish. Then he says everyone needs to speak Spanish always and then we guess who the nativos are after a few days. It is hard only speaking in Spanish, but good for us...I slip up a few times lol. But we are trying to all go strong our last few weeks in the MTC. Another teacher who served in Chile came in and told us abunch about Chile...and it got our whole district so so excited and wanting to leave the next second. So we can't wait!!!
> Again I love all the speakers have every week in the MTC. For Sunday we had a Mission Conference where two people from the Mission presidency spoke and their wives. It was great and I learned a lot. One thing I really like was from Sis. Boone, the wife of our mission president. She said we need to be like waterlilies. They grow beautiful and high above the water even though they are rooted in the dirt and scum of the pond bottom. Just how we are in the filfthiness of the world, we need to stand tall above it and keep clean so we can be beautiful shining children of our Heavenly Father. For devotional last night, we had Julie B. Beck speak to us!! She is so amazing and talked about various mission experiences she had when her family was in Brazil with her parents as mission presidents. She told great stories and gave great advice!!!
> Well I hope all is well! I love you all!!!!
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly


C and C Beecher said...

i'm with Alysia. already sick of this wet & cold crap!

Bob said...

Solo tres semanas hasta el vuelo a Chile, Hma.! Lo siento pero me olvide' a mandarte muchos Butterfingers por el dia de los muertos...Creo que Cameron los comio'.