Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hermana Daly~November 12, 2008..twelve more days to go in the MTC!

Hola familia y amigos!!!
> This past week has been so good!!! And 12 more days until Chile!! We get our travel plans this Friday...I just can't believe it! I am so grateful for the experiences I have had here and for the Spirit. I absolutely just love my District. We had two nights of bearing testimonies, which is always my favorite! Each time, one of the Elder gets everyone to cry :) Watching all the Elders grow and learn has been such as awesome experience. I feel like I have been so blessed with miracles, for the chance I had to see them all grow and gain stronger testimonies. Their experiences they have been having here are amazing...they struggle but then they are so blessed. I can't even explain it all, it is just awesome! The companions and districts we are put with are truly inspired. Only with each different person we had in our district, were we able to learn and inspire each other and grow in unity! It's amazing! One of our Elders said he feels like we have all known each other for years and feels like brothers and sister...and we truly do. We joke around and tease each other like brothers and sisters, but then we help and edify each other as wells. We just wish we could have a big group hug lol. I'm just grateful that most of my district is going to the same mission as me, so I get to continue to see them and watch them grow and succeed!!
> We have had great speakers of course this week! For Relief Society Sis. Matsumori, who talked about how missionaries can bless primary children :) We have also had meetings and firesides emphasizing the Spirit and Book of Mormon. Oh my gosh, I just love the Book of Mormon. Our teacher challenged us to do better at keeping and writing in a study journal, and as I have done that this week I have learned so much more and have felt the Spirit more as I read. All the scriptures are just so amazing!! I hope everyone is reading them every night and I encourage you to keep a thought/study truly does make a difference!
> Last night for devotional we had Sis. and Bro. Busche speak! They are originally from Germany, and the wife was so sweet. She talked about how no one is a nobody and how we are all special because we are daughters and sons of God. She also said we are never alone because Christ is always behind the door waiting for us to open our hearts to Him. I love the scripture she shared in D&C 18:10-11. Then Bro. Busche talked about his amazing life story about growing up in the war time in Germany and not knowing if God existed. Then he had a near death experience and still didn't know if God existed, when he heard a voice telling him to pray...and he tried but he didn't know how and after he knew he would recover. He did miracously and make a committment that he would search for that source of power and become a disciple of it...later the missionaries came to his door and he was baptized. He continued to share amazing was a great talk.
> Well life is just great!! I hope everyone is doing well. Thanks for your love and prayers!!! I am so grateful for this Gospel and know it is true!!!! Have a great week!
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly

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Bob said...

Your words inspire me to do better, Hma. Alysia. Thank you for sharing your strong testimony of the Gospel...The people of northern Chile will be greatly blessed to have you among them for the next 16 months.