Monday, November 3, 2008

Elder Sean..November 3, 2008~Baptism Day!

Hey there family.. well i just survived through one of the longest weeks of my mission. im working on the 'bydgoszcz tapes' that ima send you guys when the magic of bydgoszcz ends.. but as for now youll have to be content with my awful two paragraph emails. So marysia got baptized! yeahhs! other than the persuasion it took to get her in the pool it was an amazing day. She was baptized by elder whipple because she didnt trust me or slagowski to lift her up out of the water.. all of those days spent bulking up in the gym and all of those nasty protein shakes and im still weak sauce. I had the chance to confirm her yesterday. It was a little challenging in polish but it went alright. The branch has been kind of the downer of the whole situation but i dont really have the time or desire to talk about that. We have a meeting with her and a member tonight where we get to teach lesson 5. ive never made it to lesson 5... wait.. whats lesson 5 about?
Wojtek was in church again this week.. he is back living in bydgoszcz for good we hope. We had a meeting with him and the ZL's investigator who is the same age as him and a woman .. they are both struggling with smoking and drinking so we started a little class to help them quit... and ofcourse if they hooked up that would be a bonus haha.. it was really good though.. the womans name is Zaneta.. and she just recently started investigating the church so wojtek was perfect because he is basically a member and he rocked her world by means of the book of mormon.
Transfers are this thursday.. im finally staying in my area! slagowski is leaving me unfortunately as well as elder whipple and the two missionaries in torun that are dying in a couple of days.. our district is completely different except for me and elder thomas... im going to be training a new elder and we have 3 other elders coming up that are.. cool. my trainee will be the man, its a given.
other than that no real news.. hope you enjoy the pics.. i burnt 4 cds of the pictures from the last 6 months of my mission.. so ill send those home with my tape in the future sometime. oh day of the dead was awesome.. kinda... there was noone on the streets all day just people packed in cemetaries.. we went to one and it was enormmmousss.

i love you all so much.. eat some candy for me.. hook the missionaries up with a referral.. and have a most amazing week!


elder sean

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