Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hermana Daly Arrives in Chile~November 25, 2008

Dear Brother and Sister Daly,

Your missionary has arrived in the Chile Antofagasta Mission! Sister Urra and I were there to meet her at the airport. We take great pleasure in writing this letter to let you know that she arrived safely and has been assigned to work with Sister Flores, who is from San Felipe, Chile. They will work in the city of Arica. We will love her as one of our own and she will be cared for and especially watched over by the Lord.

This is a most fascinating area of the Lords vineyard. There is much work to be done here and we are grateful to have such wonderful missionaries eager to serve the Lord. The Lord loves the people of Chile and has many things yet in store for the Church here.

Sister Urra and I can be reached via email at The missionaries are asked to write home weekly either through the postal system (letters usually arrive in 2-3 weeks) or through MyLDSMail, the church’s internet email service. Sister Daly’s MyLDSMail email address is, and she will check her email every Monday. Please do not communicate through instant messenger services or send emails to email addresses other than MyLDSMail. Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN, and other services are not filtered and can expose missionaries to things that will detract from their spiritual wellbeing.

Attached to this e-mail we are sending you two pictures of when your daughter arrived.

1. Sister Daly with President and Sister Urra.

2. Sister Daly with his trainer, Sister Flores

May you and your family be richly blessed as your missionary diligently serves here.


Juan A. Urra and Soledad Urra

President and his wife

Chile-Antofagasta Mission

Monday, November 24, 2008

Elder Sean~November 24, 2008...lessons better than snow!

So Owen and I journeyed out to inowroclaw on saturday and met with Zbyszek. He's finished the book of mormon and knows its true. We met for about 2 hours and talked about religion in general then about the restoration while he's stout, ancient, catholic mother yelled things from the other room. He has been getting his life in order for the past couple of months. He recently quit smoking and drinking and he's living with his mom until he finds a job. During the discussion he told us that he would have to find out a little bit more about us but in his words "ofcourse i know i need to be baptized into this church." He came to church with us on Sunday. Its kinda a long story but it ended up that during sacrament meeting elder thomas and I had to keep Czarek (1 yr old child of the ZL's investigator who actually now has a baptisimal date, heck yeahs) entertained in the primary room because he is a monster.. like words wouldnt do his description justice. Anyways owen sat next to zbyszek during sacrament meeting and after it was over I asked zbyszek how he liked it and.. he definitely didnt love it. All he said was "you guys have it better than the JW's" so i guess thats good. Then the investigator sunday school class was about the roles of men and women in the family.. really weird lesson. But Priesthood pulled through for us. It was all about testimony and how to gain one. Overall I think he liked it ... the only problem we have now is the distance. but yeah.. hes a righteous dude.
We had two other investigators in church and we have a handful of other investigators that we are working with that are solid. The work is keeping us busy for sure.. which is good because having lessons indoors beats trudging around in the snow.
Oh we had zone conference this week too.. it was way good.. elder kerr from the 70 came.. talked about becoming like a little child and having that pure faith and trust in people. best speaker ive listened to since holland in the mtc. heck yeahs lysh that so cool you got to hear him speak your last devo there. Safe journeys to and in Chile my dear sister :-)

i love you all! happy birthday again mother <3

elder seanners

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hermana Daly~November 19, stop...CHILE!!

Hola familia y amigos!!!
> This is my last email from the stop ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE!!! Oh my gosh, I can't even express how excited I am! And on top of that...guess who spoke at our last devotional last night?!? ELDER HOLLAND...he is my favorite apostle!! It was my thanksgiving/christmas/mission present for the year! I was so excited...I was sitting next to Hermana Jeppson before we knew who the speaker was, and we were like wouldn't that be just so amazing if Elder Holland came...then next second the doors opened and everyone stood up and it was HIM!! We freaked out to say the least and were so happy! It was a great talk...he loves missionary work and since his mission meant everything to him, he had some powerful advice and lessons for us! It was amazing!! He told us so much, but focused on how a huge part of our mission is oursevles...Preach My Gospel was made for the purpose of converting the missionary first, so they could then go out and teach with power and conviction. We need to come to know Christ and when we apply what is said in Mosiah 5:13 and Alma 37:36 about always having Christ in our mind and heart; then we will have a grand amazing mission and will have a launching pad to have that kind of focus on our Savior for the rest of our lives!! I could go on and on about the other things he told us, but time constrains me lol. Just reevaluate you life and ask yourselves if Christ is always in your minds and hearts. And if you are living a life where you have the constant companionship of the Spirit. Elder Holland told us we do have the presence of God with us and a divine companion...and that is the Holy Spirit. The is the key to being effective teachers and really the key to life...I continually learn how important the Spirit is for us!!! I am grateful for the experiences I have had here and for the constant presence of the Spirit!!
> I am just so excited to leave for Chile next Monday!! I am almost fluent in Spanish so no worries...haha just kidding. I'm sure I'll be wondering what language they are actually speaking when I get to Chile, but I know with the Lord's help I can do anything. I'm grateful to have had help with Spanish in the MTC and am so ready to speak the language in Chile with a lot of smiling and laughing when they don't understand me...well I'm sure they will understand my slow gringa accent, but I won't understand them lol. It will be great!
> Thank you all for your letters and love!!! I am so grateful for you!! Have a great thanksgiving and count the many blessings from our Heavenly Father. One of my blessings has been the weather in is like summer!!! And during gym time I have been able to just go outside and sun bathe's pretty nice!
> Have an amazing birthday mother!!! And keep going strong are amazing!!! It stinks that we can't really talk back and forth with the limited time of emails for missionaries, but I love you and pray for you everyday!!! Don't freeze in Poland :)
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly

Monday, November 17, 2008

Elder Sean~November 17, 2008..exceptional week!

o man last week for lysh in the mtc.. sorry i havent sent you anything sis.. i do have a package in mind for ya when you first get to chile though.. enjoy your last few days. you fluent?

Happy birthday in 5 days mother :-) you planning on doing anything spectacular? I'm sure Elder Owen wont mind if we celebrate your birthday by taking a day off.. nah but we will definitely do something cool. I love you mom and i hope your bithday is zajespoko!! Anything cool you want from poland?.. im still searching for something mom daly-ish.. promise next year ill get you something even better cuz the date for my release as of now is nov 20th.. kinda a fat and ugly gift..

this week was pretty exceptional... we have lena who is this cool ukrainian woman who is a cook here in poland and she is studying too i think. We taught her a second and have ewa on the lesson as a member. It was a way good meeting and she was so excited about our faith that after an hour she wanted us to keep going.. unfortunately she didnt make it to church yesterday for some reason or other but she is reading the book of mormon and really seems to like it. We also have this guy named zbyszek who slags and i met a day before transfers.. we gave him a book of mormon and we called him a few days ago to find out that he is read the first 200 pages of the book of mormon and he knows its true! how bout that.. He lives in inowroclaw which is an hour train ride outside of bydgoszcz .. we are going to visit him this week and yeah.. miracle story for sure. We have also been working with wojtek which has been a struggle.. he's still puffing the dragon .. we are meeting with him every other day and calling him every night... i still think he'll get over it soon. The whole district spent a day down in torun trying to get elder bishop and poulter new investigators... they taught 11 discussions and got 10 new investigators this week so they are on fire.. we've recorded the highest numbers bydgoszcz has seen in a couple years so things are pretty good.

cam thanks for putting up the lights for me :-) youre the man

i love you family, have a great week <3


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hermana Daly~November 12, 2008..twelve more days to go in the MTC!

Hola familia y amigos!!!
> This past week has been so good!!! And 12 more days until Chile!! We get our travel plans this Friday...I just can't believe it! I am so grateful for the experiences I have had here and for the Spirit. I absolutely just love my District. We had two nights of bearing testimonies, which is always my favorite! Each time, one of the Elder gets everyone to cry :) Watching all the Elders grow and learn has been such as awesome experience. I feel like I have been so blessed with miracles, for the chance I had to see them all grow and gain stronger testimonies. Their experiences they have been having here are amazing...they struggle but then they are so blessed. I can't even explain it all, it is just awesome! The companions and districts we are put with are truly inspired. Only with each different person we had in our district, were we able to learn and inspire each other and grow in unity! It's amazing! One of our Elders said he feels like we have all known each other for years and feels like brothers and sister...and we truly do. We joke around and tease each other like brothers and sisters, but then we help and edify each other as wells. We just wish we could have a big group hug lol. I'm just grateful that most of my district is going to the same mission as me, so I get to continue to see them and watch them grow and succeed!!
> We have had great speakers of course this week! For Relief Society Sis. Matsumori, who talked about how missionaries can bless primary children :) We have also had meetings and firesides emphasizing the Spirit and Book of Mormon. Oh my gosh, I just love the Book of Mormon. Our teacher challenged us to do better at keeping and writing in a study journal, and as I have done that this week I have learned so much more and have felt the Spirit more as I read. All the scriptures are just so amazing!! I hope everyone is reading them every night and I encourage you to keep a thought/study truly does make a difference!
> Last night for devotional we had Sis. and Bro. Busche speak! They are originally from Germany, and the wife was so sweet. She talked about how no one is a nobody and how we are all special because we are daughters and sons of God. She also said we are never alone because Christ is always behind the door waiting for us to open our hearts to Him. I love the scripture she shared in D&C 18:10-11. Then Bro. Busche talked about his amazing life story about growing up in the war time in Germany and not knowing if God existed. Then he had a near death experience and still didn't know if God existed, when he heard a voice telling him to pray...and he tried but he didn't know how and after he knew he would recover. He did miracously and make a committment that he would search for that source of power and become a disciple of it...later the missionaries came to his door and he was baptized. He continued to share amazing was a great talk.
> Well life is just great!! I hope everyone is doing well. Thanks for your love and prayers!!! I am so grateful for this Gospel and know it is true!!!! Have a great week!
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly

Monday, November 10, 2008

Elder Sean~November 10, companion!

This week was the bomb diggity. I birthed a new son this week in Warsaw. He is the man... I definitely got the best of the batch, he's pretty delicious. Despite the fact that we had to sit on the ground with all his luggage the whole 4 hour train ride to bydgoszcz.. it has been really davage. The polish people love him.. he cant say a whole lot but he says what he can and the people just listen.. ive never seen as many people stop for a missionary like they stop for him. We got a plethera of new investigators and even more numbers just in these last few days of work. We had 2 investigators in church and also marysia is still going strong and has never been better. We are still meeting with her every other day.. she loves the fact that owen cant speak polish so she has taken it upon herself to improve her english skills. I got called again at about 8 saturday night by the branch presidency telling me i had a talk haha.. they love me.. it went alright though i talked on the atonement. We've had the chance to teach a few firsts to new investigators and most of them have been students ..they love helping him out... it is going to be the best transfer to date .. no doubt. he's from california.. fresno area.. baller.

Sorry for being short last week.. but the baptism was good.. i cant remember what i told you.. but the branch president wasnt there.. there was about 12 people there.. i gave a talk as well as Ewa whose member. Andrzej the first counselor said a few things as well which was nice.. we all walked to a gym ymca type thing that was abot 10 minutes away.. the whole time gowski and i were comforting marysia because she was way scared of getting in the pool. when we got there whipple and her changed but then it took another 10 minutes of talking and walking her through it until she finally got in the pool.. then once she was in the pool she asked a for a prayer to be said.. then she was baptized.. afterwards we had some refreshments and chilled at the chapel for a while. Then she was confirmed the following sunday which was way scary for me.. hopefully it was alright. She is doing good now though, her progress is amazing.. she is a miracle.

We had a pretty cool experience this week where we met a girl about our age on the street.. she was interested but when we asked to set up for a later time she said her schedule was way busy.. but she had a few minutes right then... so we walked to a nearby park and taught her a first lesson on a bench by streetlight. She was open to reading and finding out if the book of mormon was true .. it was a cool experience.

well i love you guys.. hope everything is going well back home.. the value of the dollar shot through the roof here for a week now its slowly falling back down.. and i think just about every person i talked with on the street asked me if i voted for obama or mccain... despite how racist poles are.. they love obama. i attached a picture of my mission son.. yeah he's got a couple inches on me.. dangit.

trzymajcie siê

elder sean

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hermana Daly~November 4, 2008..first snow day:)

Hola familia!
> Today was the first day of lots of snow!! It was so fun walking in it up to the temple...not lol :) I'm glad Heavenly Father sent me to a place with no rain or snow, because I am way happier with the sun haha. But less than three weeks until Chile!!! I can't believe it...I am so so excited! I'm feeling really stuck in such a small place right now.
> The last few days have been a little harder than others. We had a lot of TE appointments in Spanish and the teachers have started throwing us curve balls. My companion has been getting really frustrated with the language and teaching when she can't say what she wants, so then it kinda weighs down our companionship because then I start feeling down as well. It's funny how close companionships are...if one companion is feeling one way, the other one will too. But we have been trying to work through it and focus on having patience and trust in the Lord. It has been better since then.
> Halloween was quite different from the ones in the past lol. Our teacher has started doing a game called Nativo - or native - and secretly picks two people in our district that can only speak Spanish. Then he says everyone needs to speak Spanish always and then we guess who the nativos are after a few days. It is hard only speaking in Spanish, but good for us...I slip up a few times lol. But we are trying to all go strong our last few weeks in the MTC. Another teacher who served in Chile came in and told us abunch about Chile...and it got our whole district so so excited and wanting to leave the next second. So we can't wait!!!
> Again I love all the speakers have every week in the MTC. For Sunday we had a Mission Conference where two people from the Mission presidency spoke and their wives. It was great and I learned a lot. One thing I really like was from Sis. Boone, the wife of our mission president. She said we need to be like waterlilies. They grow beautiful and high above the water even though they are rooted in the dirt and scum of the pond bottom. Just how we are in the filfthiness of the world, we need to stand tall above it and keep clean so we can be beautiful shining children of our Heavenly Father. For devotional last night, we had Julie B. Beck speak to us!! She is so amazing and talked about various mission experiences she had when her family was in Brazil with her parents as mission presidents. She told great stories and gave great advice!!!
> Well I hope all is well! I love you all!!!!
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly

Monday, November 3, 2008

Elder Sean..November 3, 2008~Baptism Day!

Hey there family.. well i just survived through one of the longest weeks of my mission. im working on the 'bydgoszcz tapes' that ima send you guys when the magic of bydgoszcz ends.. but as for now youll have to be content with my awful two paragraph emails. So marysia got baptized! yeahhs! other than the persuasion it took to get her in the pool it was an amazing day. She was baptized by elder whipple because she didnt trust me or slagowski to lift her up out of the water.. all of those days spent bulking up in the gym and all of those nasty protein shakes and im still weak sauce. I had the chance to confirm her yesterday. It was a little challenging in polish but it went alright. The branch has been kind of the downer of the whole situation but i dont really have the time or desire to talk about that. We have a meeting with her and a member tonight where we get to teach lesson 5. ive never made it to lesson 5... wait.. whats lesson 5 about?
Wojtek was in church again this week.. he is back living in bydgoszcz for good we hope. We had a meeting with him and the ZL's investigator who is the same age as him and a woman .. they are both struggling with smoking and drinking so we started a little class to help them quit... and ofcourse if they hooked up that would be a bonus haha.. it was really good though.. the womans name is Zaneta.. and she just recently started investigating the church so wojtek was perfect because he is basically a member and he rocked her world by means of the book of mormon.
Transfers are this thursday.. im finally staying in my area! slagowski is leaving me unfortunately as well as elder whipple and the two missionaries in torun that are dying in a couple of days.. our district is completely different except for me and elder thomas... im going to be training a new elder and we have 3 other elders coming up that are.. cool. my trainee will be the man, its a given.
other than that no real news.. hope you enjoy the pics.. i burnt 4 cds of the pictures from the last 6 months of my mission.. so ill send those home with my tape in the future sometime. oh day of the dead was awesome.. kinda... there was noone on the streets all day just people packed in cemetaries.. we went to one and it was enormmmousss.

i love you all so much.. eat some candy for me.. hook the missionaries up with a referral.. and have a most amazing week!


elder sean

October 2008 pics from Sean