Thursday, April 16, 2009

Elder Daly~April 14, 2009~golden contacts

Not alot of people wanted to meet with us this week because of the holiday. But we found a golden investigator this week. We contacted this lady named Agata by a metro station and she had time right then and there to meet with us. We went to a cafe nearby and taught her the restoration. She loved it and the next day she came to church and stayed for all the 3 hours and we even had the chance to have a member lesson with her after church. She was way excited to read the book of mormon.

I went on a couple of exchanges this week.. one with Elder Brown and another with Elder Thomas. A couple of my favorite people of all time. Easter was pretty uneventful except for Agata making it to church. yesterday was smingus dingus ... the giant water fight after Easter. People didnt get too into it this year. I did talk to this random old lady on the bus and she told me how she woke up extra early and drenched her husband. I love the old ladies in Poland, simply the coolest.

my little miracle story of the week... we were on a whiteboard in centrum on this way long street that connects the trainstation with the metro station. We were asking people.. :"if you were an egg where would you hide" ... i saw this lady sitting on a bench way about half way down the street.. i felt like i needed to go give her a shout out so i started making my trek to her... getting rejected left and right by people as i made my way towards her. As i contact someone right in front of her the person shot back something bratty at me and the lady on the bench (Jola) laughed at me and said something to the tune of "tough place, huh" ... we sat and chatted for a good 15 minutes ... she's a methodist and she had heard of us but wasnt aware we existed in Poland.. she set up to get a book of mormon and talk more this week.

culture tid bit : ..the polish children get their baskets blessed by the priest.

Happy spring time!... yeahh i love it :-) ... love you all!

Elder Daly

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