Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Elder Daly~April 7, 2009....Sean..the professor

happy birthday lysh dawg :-) hope you had a great day of birth. 22... hitting the prime baby ... hope you got to ride a sweet chilean llama or something. I love you sister, keep dominating.

Elder Packer was sick for a lot of this week unfortunately... so i got to make a bjillion calls to formers and less actives... some of the funniest phone convos ever though. People yelling at me, reminiscing on the good old times with elder smith or joebob from back in '92, and there were even a few that wanted to meet again after 3,4 or 13 year periods of no contact with us... should be an adventure.

We got to watch conference this week! First one I've seen since I dunno when.. but it was so epic, was it not? I loved every talk. We got to watch the Saturday morning and afternoon, priesthood, and sunday morning session. We had 3 investigators come to different ones and they loved it. so for 2 of the 4 sessions we had to suffer through the polish lektored room with investigators... just kidding it wasnt suffering, but lets just say id fail the pop quiz on what they talked about. ehh maybe D -

Spiritual highlight of the week... well i had the opportunity to give Elder Packer a blessing which is always a special thing, conference easily a highlight, but as far as misisoanry work goes we had this way cool lesson with a couple of college students.. Kasper (not a ghost, but, yes.. very friendly) and Konrad. We had met konrad on the street a couple of days before and he sure enough he brought his homie to the lesson at the chapel.. we gave them a quick tour and then talk about the restoration and some basics about God and such. They had some way good questions and even better answers. The spirit dominated them for sure when we started talking about Joseph Smith ... and they were way stoked to read the book of mormon and find out for themselves... way cool and humble guys.

Somewhat redonkulous lesson of the week... we met with a man named Zymunt. He's about 4'10, round, 70's and has this sweet bonus bottle thick glasses. He was a potential with just an address written and his description in the area book as "nice old man!" ... sure he was nice... but we would soon stumble across a few more adjectives to describe our friend zygmunt. Elder Packer and I sat down once he let us in, but for some reason he just stood their with this jovial look on his face... we started talking to him getting to know him and all of the sudden he took off his pants... luckily he had long johns on underneath so no damage done, then he walked into the kitchen and started whipping up a batch of tea for us.. we told him about the word of wisdom, but he didnt listen, and got kinda offended later in the lesson when we didnt drink it. We started asking him about his faith and what not, but then he got up and turned some classical music, walked into the kitchen and came back with a seringe, lifted up his shirt, and gave himself an insulin shot. After several more attempts we finally gave him a quick message about how the book of mormon is and why it is.. then got out of dodge, really weird man.

Also.. i forgot to tell you all last week but elder packer and I got to go to this college about 90 mins outside of warsaw and teach a 2 hour lecture about the church and it's teachings! it was so cool. The girls were getting a little too excited around Elder Packer though so we had to make a quick exit after the question answer session.

Have a happy easter!

love you

elder daly


Bob said...

Thank you for your service, El. Sean! I love your stories!!!

Ben N Nessa said...

Happy Easter :)