Monday, April 6, 2009

Hermana Daly~April 6, 2009...22 years old this week!

Hola familia!!!
> Thanks for the birthday quiero cumplir 22 años --- Que vieja! :) Lol General Conference was so great this weekend!! Us gringos got to listen to it in English in another room, which was a relief and blessing. Three of our investigadors came too!! I loved the talks and the music...such a strong spirit always...and a little truncky seeing salt lake and all the Utahans lol. All of us moaned when one of the speakers said, now I want to you imagine yourself in front of your open the door and walk in...what do you see, is the kitchen a place you can eat and be with you family and so on...haha. I miss the kitchen and eating food with you family lol. But that´s that...I love being in Chile and in the mission – what a blessing!! Between the sessions Sunday we ate with two of the ward families in the chapel together, which was fun --- like a great big family dinner. One of the families is Familia Henriquez, who are like my little Chilean family. Hermano Henriquez is way funny and in the army and makes sure us Hermanas are protected. Also their three year old daughter Catita is way cute and calls me Tía Daly. I´m going to miss them tons.
> So the decision was made and us hermanas are off to the branch the next week and the Elders are going to stay in Arica Centro. They said it was more safer for us hermanas in el Centro. But it is way sad to leave all our investigadors and everything...we do have Miguel in the branch though which is great! However, our one miracle family with less-active parents and daughter Valentína that wants to get baptized is way sad. We put a baptismal date for her at the end of the month, but they don´t want us to leave and were crying and everything. I felt really bad and didn´t want to leave them either. So we are going to have a few more citas with them this week and with the Elders so they can get to know them and love them too! Hopefully it all works out! I think there are about 40 active members who are going to be in the branch, so we need to work tons!! I´m up for the challenge!
> Well love you tons and have a great Easter week!!!
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly


Jordan said...

Happy Birthday Hermana/Sobrina Daly!

Bob said...

Feliz cumpleanos, Hma Alysia!