Monday, April 13, 2009

Hermana Daly~April 13, 2009~Birthday and Easter fun!

Hola familia!!!
> Hope everyone had a great Easter!! Easter isn´t much of a big deal in Chile...the Catholics have their special meetings and that is about it...and the members here don´t know the Easter hymns or anything so we didn´t sing them. But I think some of the kids had the Easter bunny visit them, but not so common here. I ate some chocolate easter eggs that Elder Lamprecht gave me for my birthday...yum yum lol. The Elders, my companion, and a family in the ward threw me a little surpirse bday party which was fun! Hermano Wilson is way funny and wanted me to have a special day. We ate tons of food...Hermana Zamudio made a cake and brownies which was yummy. And then Hermano Wilson played a joke when he whipped out some champagne and then went in the other room to “pour” some glasses. When he came out, Hermana Zamudio was freaking out because she really thought it was champagne (she is WAY gulliable) as Hermano Wilson gave me a glass. I knew it was probably Canada Dry, so I drank some and Hermana Zamudio about attacked me lol. Then she realized it was all a joke...was funny. So that was my bday fun!
> As for the new branch...we had a pretty good turn out. We are working hard with all the menos activos and bringing them back to Church. A lot of members have fond memories of the chapel, so all are very excited. But the sector is a bit hard in regards to missionary work because it is the business part of Arica. The members don´t have a lot of ├ínimo to share with their neighbors, but we are trying to infuse them with faith and Spirit of missionary work. So we are praying for miracles this week in finding people to teach.
> Also this last week we had Zone Conference, which is always a treat. President Urra and his wife are amazing and so loving! We learned lots on how we can become better disciples of Christ, more effective missionaries, and how to purify our lives so we can teach with more power and authority from God.
> This week´s task is also to find an apartment in our sector because right now it´s like 30 to 45 minutes to walk to our sector...which isn´t a very effective use of our time. And they don´t have such places as Real Estate offices to help should come work in Chile mom!! Lots of the way to find apartments here is to look for signs in windows are ask people if they know of any. So that´s that lol.
> So we are up for a challenge in this new branch, but we are continuing forward with faith and diligence! Love you all!!! Have a great week!!!
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly

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Feliz Pascua, Hma. Alysia!