Monday, April 20, 2009

Hermana Daly~April 20, 2009...The Branch

Hola familia!
> Just got back from playing dodge ball at the beach and exploring much fun!!! Yay for P-Days that aren´t soccor lol :) This week was way busy in the branch. Our goal was to visit tons of members and take them out of their houses to do missionary work. We were able to leave with 10 members!!! We found some good investigadors and everything.
> We had to work especially hard because we convinced our President to keep us in the branch. There was an “special” cambio this past week with an Elder from another mission, so President Urrra had to figure out where to put him. Then the assistants and Elders were saying how the sector of the brach is dead and there is no progress. So then President Urra called us and asked why we chose to work in the brach if there was no progress; and he thought we should stay in the ward and close the branch. But we didn´t want to close the branch and saw lots of potential. As of five years ago there were two wards in this same sector and there are two chapels. One is used for institute now and now the other one barely opened for the new branch. Needless to say, it was a bit of a fiasco...but in the end I gave my opinion to President Urra and he said ok, we could stay in the branch. Then he had a dream that night confirming that it would work out. The only downside is that we probably won´t have baptisms this cambio, so we need to work hard showing there is potential in the branch.
> Anyways, then he sent two more Elders to work in Arica Centro (the ward) with the other Elders. So now there are four of them in an apartment and we are still in our apartment and walking tons to get to our sector. There aren´t any apartments for rent, so we are still keeping our eyes peeled. We are still waiting for it to cool off in the mornings, but it is still way hot! At least the nights are getting cooler.
> So we are starting to dig some roots in the branch. We will see who out of our new invesitgadors are going to progress this week...our goal this week is to get people to Church Sunday. We are also going to give talks on missionary work and how the members can help so we can have lots of success in the branch!! Members are truly the key...just need to help them realize that and keep them to work :) Help out your missionaries!!!
> Love you all tons!!! Enjoy your week!
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly

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Bob said...

Way to work, Hma. Alysia!