Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Elder Daly~April 28, 2009~Zone Conf & more baptisms!

We had zone conference this week. I dunno how President Engbjerg does it, but he's always picking the right topics to talk about. This time it was about obedience and purification.

So i had to sell the DVD player, gave my golf clubs to a member, and we drained our
balcony-jacuzzi last night for the last time. Tears were shed, addictions broken, but we
know the result will be for the best. For real though it was a really inspiring and motivating
zone conference. Except for our presentation... haha we talked about becomming master
teachers and meeting the nidzz of investigators. I even compared the conversion process
an investigator to chemistry.. yup double dweeber... haha it was decent.
We extended a baptisimal date to an investigator we met this week named Krzyszek.. haha say that one 3 times fast... or even once, slowly.. he's bomb. He is a 16 year old kid who we met
actually at english last week.. gave him a book of mormon. He read some and liked it alot. We taught
him a first this week. And then he came to church on Sunday... he stayed for all 3 hours.. he was loving
it. There arent any boys his age in the branch but miraculously a family from bydgoszcz was down visiting
and they have a son his age.. so after church we had a meeting with the both of them. Way spiritual and
he accepted the invite to be baptized on the 23rd of may. He was pretty worried about what his parents
were going to think so we are praying we get the chance to meet his family and maybe get them interested.
We had a sweet bonus super saturday for all the youth in poland. We played sports and what not..
it was way good. We had a mission fast this last sunday. And this past week the mission's baptisimal
date list doubled .. Elder Hughes and Brown (the only other elders in our district) had their invesitgator
ella accept a date for the 9th of May. Everyone is way stoked. Obedience is the new cool. And the
North Warsaw Zone is pwning noobskis.
My sisters gave their death testimonies this week at zone conference as well as Elder Whipple.
It was so crazy seeing my sisters get up there. Ugh, time is flowing way too fast... just wish my little
purple raft had brakes or something.
Alright this week im highlighting a member family.. the wisniewskis.. they are so cool. It is
a mom and her three daughters, all in highschool. the mom comes to church very often but the daughters
are a little less active. since we have been meeting with them though they have started coming to activities
and church. they even referred us to a friend of theirs who we are now teaching at their house. They all play
the guitar (which is why they are so bomb) so the first time we went over there we played a few tunes for them
and it was really legit! so fun. They joined the church 3 years ago.. baptized by elder fox who taught me in the mtc.
One of the coolest and most down to earth families ever. love them.
Cultural fact... if you ever ask an old pole for directions.. most of the time they will just point
down a random street and say "just keep going straight!" .. also... i had an old homeless man come
up to me at the platform on the train station.. he thought i was a priest, he grabbed my hands
and asked me to bless him... so i did the first thing that came to my mind and knighted him.. gave him
a tap on each shoulder with my book of mormon.
love you
elder sean

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