Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Elder Daly~May 19, 2009~transfer to Szczecin (shche-ching)

After the longest transfer day ever we made it safely to szczecin. (shche-ching) It feels like home already. I dont want to brag.. but we got to open up a new apartment right next to where the new chapel is going to be. It's the sweetest crib ever. I almost feel guilty living in it. I dunno if you all remember HEy ARnold's bumping bachelor pad with the skylights and such... but that's our apartment, times 17. I'll send pics next week.

Church was a little different this week. The branch meets in a missionary apartment. There was one member there (HEnryk) and a couple of investigators. There are 6 missionaries serving in the branch... but this transfer is shorter (only 6 weeks) and at the end of it there will most likely only be 4. All the missionaries new to the area spoke and I spoke and tried to get everyone pumped to see miracles... they were feeling it... our branch is groovy and ready to dominate.

Henryk is late 50's and he was baptized about a year ago when szczecin was first opened. He was being prepared by elder gardner the former BP to be the next branch president. BUt because of some conflicts it was pretty clear that Henryk wasn't ready yet to take over. He is a way cool guy, has the strongest of testimonies. He just has to work on some things. So I get to meet with him after church every sunday and prepare him to take over as soon as he's ready.

My new companion is Elder Guthrie. He is from Corona, Cali... he is so sweet bonus i love him. He was a greenie last transfer serving in North Warsaw with me. We are both way excited to start seeing some epic things happen here.

Love you all! Thanks for all the mail and letters.. i never write back im sorry, but i have gotten letters from just about everybody so thank you so much.

Elder daly

Cultural tidbit: i dunno if this is a catholic thing or just a polish thing.. probly a mix... but i have had probably upwards of 50 people on my mission tell me that Mary has appeared to them. Im jealous... i dunno what im doing wrong.. maybe i need to leave cookies out or something.


Bob said...

Look out Szczecin! Here comes El. Daly!

Ben N Nessa said...

Haha!!! Can't wait to see your apartment, and yes, leave out cookies ;) LOL

Don said...

Mary's appeared to me a few times too. Once in a tree, a few times in Cheetos and once on toasted bread.