Monday, May 4, 2009

Hermana Daly~April 5, 2009..gettin' high on p-day!

Hola familia!!
> I just got back from Lago Chungara...which they say is the highest lake in elevation in the world at 4,500 meters! It was way fun, but a bit of a trip to get there...about three and a half hours there and then another 3 and a half hours back. We left way early in the morning and made the hike up in a bus. We did have a few problems with the elevation and Elder passed out, another threw up, and Hermana Zamudio was a bit under the weather. But it was worth the pain!! I didn´t feel a thing, so I enjoyed myself completely and loved the fresh air, lake, and mountains. Yay for P-Day, but now I am really tired!
> This week was great!! Well at the beginning we had to kill a few investigadors, but then Heavenly Father blessed us with many new investigadors after and lots of help from the members! This week´s lesson was learning the worth of former investigadors. I studied Preach My Gospel about it and then dug up forms from former missionaries. We found three that were in our sector and went to their houses...and were received and taught lessons!! When one has good memories and experiences with missionaries, it´s easier for other missionaries to visit a year or so down the path. So we will see how it all goes, but they were all very nice and told us stories of the other missionaries.
> We also had the miracle of finding investigadors through incomplete families...those that have some members and others not. Missionary work is more succesful through completing part-member families, so we are excited to work with that!! Heavenly Father has blessed us tons this week! I am so grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This week´s goal to go along with the vision of “purifying our lives” was a deeper study of the Atonement. It is only through the power of the Atonement that we can truly purify our lives. I was able to understand the Atonement a little bit more through my study and gain a stronger testimony. I also had the opportunity to share that testimony with the members yesterday and also Hermana Zamudio and I got to sing a beautiful hymn for them (Be Still My Soul – which they don´t have in the Spanish hymnbook), since we don´t have a piano in the Chapel and are in need of more musical numbers  I am grateful for the Spirit of music and miss playing the piano I just sing all day long in the streets to myself. It makes everything better!! Have a great you!!
> -Hermana Daly