Friday, May 8, 2009

May 8, 2009~a wonderful Mother's Day present from Sean's Mission President!

Dear Elder Daly:

Too bad life as a mission president is too busy for it, otherwise I could have sent you many more comments, received through the weekly letters and/or interviews, but here is one I just feel I have to share with you, from one of the district leaders in your zone, Elder Nelson in Bialystok. He wrote:

"I had an exchange with Elder Daly this week!! President, that Elder is so amazing! I love him so much and had been looking forward to that for a year and a half. He is so real with people, and he wears his love and kindness on the outside for everyone to see, it comes out in everything he does. He teaches the Gospel like no other, with the strongest Spirit. When I think of Elder Daly, I think love and amazingness, and I want to be more like him."

Well, Elder Daly, you continue to amaze me as well. I have the best of feelings for you, and so much respect for the type of missionary you have developed into being, seeing your growth through the past many months. It is a blessing to have you in this mission. I know you don't like to hear or receive such complimenting words, but you deserve them. Thank you for all you do. The Lord surely must be pleased with your so outstanding efforts.

My best wishes and love to you.
President Engbjerg.

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Briana Carr said...

what an awesome letter.
(we all knew sean was really that great all along) :D