Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Elder Daly~May 26, 2009~Szczecin..most elect people ever!

Well this week we went out and did what we do ... we went out and found some homies. Most of them flaked... but szczecin is full of some of the most elect people ever. They really dont like the catholic church that much here... its awesome. They have a lot of JW's though, not so awesome.

President Engbjerg visited the branch this week...gave a way inspiring talk and then took us all out to all you can eat polish food.

We had english and church for the first time in the new chapel this week... we had 50 new people come to our english class!

Guth and I crossed the border this week. He's been in poland too long without becoming legal because his trainer dropped the ball i guess so we went and bought a couple kilos of german chocolate... took some pictures and such... its crazy how just a couples miles of road seperate two completely different worlds.

i waited an hour on a computer and now i gotta go, curses.. have a great week!


elder daly

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