Monday, May 18, 2009

Hermana Daly~May 18, 2009~Faith and Love

Hola familia!!
> First week of the new cambio in Arica was a bit difficult and the people a bit closed off. Lots of tracking without many lessons, but we always need those weeks so we can show the Lord we have patience and faith and are willing to pay the hard work first. We definately had lots of tests of faith and humility, and are looking forward to the miracles in the next coming weeks. The sicknesses are also going around, which I had the luck of catching a few days ago. I think it is the change of season. But all is well!
> I recieved letters and a package today from all my friends --- Thanks friends!!!...especially Brit and Amanda for the package – it made my month lol!!! Missionaries love mail haha.
> Well I hope everyone is doing well and happy to finish up the school year soon!! I can´t believe Laney is going to graduate soon...growing up way too fast sis!! Love you all! Continue helping out your missionaries – they need lots of support and help in finding people to teach! Be the fishers, so us missionaries can be the teachers...teamwork works best!! Lots of faith and love for others...that is our greatest test. To love as Heavenly Father and Christ love. I am grateful for this opportunity to grow and become more Christlike. It the most worthwhile thing I can do with my life!
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly


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Some weeks are like that...Hang in there because it always gets better.