Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Elder Daly~June 2, 2009~the finding continues in our little town of Szczecin

This week was zone conference week so we headed down to warsaw for yet another ... It was great we had Elder Causse from france come and speak to us. He said some cool stuff to us about obtaining a concrete vision of what we want/who we want to find and then going to the lord as we plan to make our vision a reality. Some of my favorite missionaries ever gave their dying testimonies and all in all the conference was good. Probably the best part was getting to take a sleeper night train back to szczecin with the whole district. We accidentally slept in and ended up in berlin. But a couple Guten Tags later and we made it back to Poland safely.

The finding continues in our little town of szczecin.. we have already seen some amazing miracles with meeting some of the coolest people ever... we are definitely still in the early stages of gathering and laying the foundation. Loving it though.... we are having a great time trying to get some stuff going here. We trust the Lord and know He is going to make some sicky stuff happen in Szczecin.

Lots of drama going on in the branch.. odd for a branch of 2 active members.. but henryk hasnt proved to be an enemy but he definitely hasnt proved to be a help as of yet.. he declined the call to be my first counselor, said some weird stuff during church.. hopefully the investigators come back. Some other crazy stuff going on with some less active members we are trying to get back.

cultural tidbit.... i dunno if ive shared this one but Polish people are the most ruthless when it comes to standing in a line or waiting for something. They are generally really polite but when it comes to waiting in line even for a Mccy D's burger some(older homies) will slip in front of you if you arent glued to the person waiting in front of you.
tidbit #2... polish people are the greatest in the world.

I love you all.. have fun in maui... geez.. all Dad gave me was a couple of cardboard boxes and the boot.. juuust kidding :-) love you dad. have a great week!

love elder sean

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Bob said...

Hey, El. Sean,

Did you witness the fireball that exploded over northern Poland on May 31st?