Monday, June 22, 2009

Hermana Daly~June 22,2009.....transfer to Iquique tomorrow!

Hola familia!!
> Sorry I don´t time do write once again...I had to download last minute pics and teach Hna Zamudio how to use the computer lol. Last week I taught her how to use the microwave haha. But she sews my broken buttons, so its a fair trade.
> And...duhduhduh...MY FIRST CAMBIO OF THE MISSION...I head off to Iquique tomorrow, which is the next city south of Arica. My new comp is Hna Lugo from Columbia. She only has one cambio in the mission and seems really nice from the one time I met her. So i´m excited!!
> The baptism with Grace and Cristian went well!!! They are soooo great!!! I´m happy in the mission! Love you all!!!


Ben N Nessa said...

Awesome baptisms!!! :)

Bob said...

Hasta Iquique, Hma. Alysia!