Monday, June 8, 2009

Hermana Daly~June 8, 2009~4th of July in Arica!

Hola familia!!
> ¿Como está Hawaii? Fun, fun, fun. I want to go swim in the beach...I´m having swimming withdrawls lol. I just have to pretend I´m swimming in the shower. Another week...was a little difficult with trying to find people wanting to listen. Everyone is caught up in their own world. Missionary work is definately a lot of work and emotions because you come to feel pain when people don´t want to listen or accept the Gospel, but are estatic when they do. When I see everyone as my brother and sister, I want them so bad to accept the Gospel. I also want the members to have more love for our investigadors and for others. We learned lots about this this last week. Love, love, love lol.
> Sunday was 7th de Junio, which is like 4th of July for Arica. It was when Peru and Chile had a big fight over this land...and Chile won. So lots of celebrating with fireworks (which we couldn´t see), yummy empanadas, and army marches. So that was fun to see bits and pieces throughout the day when we were near the Centro. However, the night before Saturday parties had an effect on our investigadors---our kids lol. They all slept in except for Cristian Gutierres. But we did get the mom of the other kids, who is inactive, to church this sunday. She hasn´t been in years. Both the parents are inactive and 4 of the 9 kids that were baptized. So it was a miracle having her in Church.
> Arica was a little cooler in the nights and mornings, but this last weekend not so summer again and more face sun burns haha. Enjoy the summer weather in the states! Love you all!!!
> -Hermana Daly


Vanessa said...

Fun 7th de Junio :)

Bob said...

Hang in there, Hma. Alysia...El invierno viene.