Monday, June 29, 2009

Hermana Daly~June 29, 2009..beautiful Iquique!

Hola familia!!
> Wow!! Iquique is so beautiful!!! When we left our pension the first morning, I couldn´t believe the view. Iquique is abunch of hills and sand dunes with the ocean down below…so beautiful, but that does mean lots of hills to climb and tired legs lol. I´m trying to get use to the hills, but the view of the ocean is definitely worth it. The weather is a bit cooler than Arica, so I need to start taking out the coats and sweaters. This sector is also a lot more richer than where I was in Arica…with huge houses, hotel-looking apartment buildings, and lots of nice cars. That also surprised me because my concept of Chile was my sector in Arica which was poorer. The people are way nice though because our sector is mostly residential and a lot more tranquil than Arica Centro…so lots more lessons and people willing to talk to us. So I am very content. I do miss Arica and Hermana Zamudio, but it was time for a change especially since I like change and was in Arica for a long time.
> Hermana Lugo is also way nice…she does have a different accent from the Chileans and uses some words I don´t know that they use a lot in Columbia. So I´m learning Columbia Spanish now too. I´m way excited to work together and see some miracles. We also have a few jovenes (teens) in this sector too as in Arica, who also want to learn English…so I´m getting ready for more English classes. There are also a lot of menos activos here where the whole family is not members, so lots of work in that area. The Area Presidency of Chile has the goal of activating menos activos, so as a mission we are focusing on menos activos again and sharing with them a letter from the Presidency that talks about remaining in the Gospel your whole life. Endure to the end!!
> And that is my first impression of beautiful Iquique. Oh and also that Iquique has a lot more sick people with the influenza and gripe porcina…everyone is sick. I´m glad we have missionary protection. I´m grateful for the Gospel and this time in my life to give all to the Lord. Have a great week and share the gospel with all!!!
> -Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly


Ben N Nessa said...

Good luck learning Columbian-Spanish...and no getting sick! :)

Bob said...

Stay well, Hma. Alysia.