Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Elder Daly~June 23, 2009..2 baptisms in a 6 week transfer!

hey hey its transfer time woot. im staying with my boy guthrie, an apartment is getting closed down in szczecin because of the kryzys, so there will only be 4 missionaries here.. me and guthrie... terkowski and my son elder owen is coming back to me!!! it is going to be an unreal transfer.

this week was amiable, we were polish frosted flaked 11 times... a new europe central area record. but it was ok because we found some even more elect people as we contacted and tracted this week. We tracted into some way cool families that we are excited about. We really dont have any serious progressing investigators... those that are reading the book of mormon are students and they all have finals for the next few weeks...
so we are on the back burner for a lot of people right now.

As far as the highlight of the week goes we had this one cool experience finding. We spend alot of our day near centrum because naturally thats where all the szczecin homies are... but every now and again we explore the outer reaches of the city so the other day we decided to go out to this park in the middle of nowhere... it was kinda risky too because it was going to take us a 20 mins to get out there and we knew there werent alot of people out in the stix... when we arrived there was basically nobody anywhere, the park was pretty though. We finally reached a part of the park where there were a few benches and a middle aged lady was sitting on one of them.. she was visibly distraught and she definitely looked like she was having a case of the mondays. We stopped and talked to her and after a way cool convo she gave us her contact and wants to talk more....so we'll see.

we went flower shopping this week for the chapel... and afterwards i was able to cross out another one of my potential future careers... i just dont have a knack for interior design. I wanted to get real flowers, but i didnt want them to die and watering flowers is way difficult and time consuming as we all know.. so i decided to go the modern age awesome way and get some fake ones... henryk and agnieszka came in on sunday and the first thing they said was... what the heck is with the crappy flowers. i gotta go by some real ones now.

my boy guthrie gave his first talk in sacrament meeting! i was way proud he melted faces talking about the restoration. i gave the lesson, it was ok... the branch is growing more and more each sunday... marcin is getting baptized on saturday.. i should clarify that agnieszka was Elder beans and terkowskis investigator and that marcin is elder edmunds and grays. It's way cool that we are going to have 2 baptisms in a 6 week transfer and the branch has officially doubled! rock on.

i got your package this week mother! thanks so much... now i dont have to rock my flip flops anymore and i can lace up the dockers again. yess. thanks for all the letters and support. miss you all

love you

elder daly


Bob said...

El. Sean rockin' Poland! You need your mom and aunts to help with chapel decorations.

Ben N Nessa said...

:) I'm sure even the fake flowers you picked out added some "spunk"!