Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Elder Daly~July 14, 2009...life here in Szczecin

This week was going to be one of the greatest of all time! Unfortunately we met a lot of opposition and some things didn't work out quite the way we would have liked. However, we still have our hopes high and a lot of potential for improvement and to see more miracles in the coming weeks. Marcin didn't pass his baptisimal interview and is having family problems right now but he is going to be back this week and he still has full intention of working towards baptism again. He is still waiting for an answer that I am pretty sure he already. So we are going to try and help him realize what that answer feels like and I know he will be baptized. Other than him we have a couple of other investigators that are promising but can't seem to find the time to meet right now so most of our time has been spent finding people. We readvertised the free English class to hopefully get a new batch of investigators and we also started having branch night on Mondays. Yesterday's branch night was awesome. We had a group of 11 there and it was a really good time. The branch is doing well. Agnieszka is excited about her minimission and going to the temple. Zbyszek came to church... Henryk has never been doing better. He has been amazing on some of the lessons we have had and he has been a great fellowshipper to those investigators that we have had in church lately...

welp... that's about life here in szczecin..... loving the work, the comp, the people. miss you guys!


elder daly


Bob said...

Hey, El. Sean,

Have you noticed the noctilucent clouds shining over Poland well after sunset? They are electric blue and quite the sight.

Briana Carr said...

Elder Daly-

:D Elder Edmunds says hello!!!
And he also wanted me to brag that a group (including him & I) went to the Jack's Mannequin concert last night.

(I told him, you were the one that introduced me to Andrew McMahon, Something Corp., and Jack's)