Monday, July 27, 2009

July 27, 2009...a great historical event in Iquique!!

Hola familia!!
> ¿Cómo están? A great historical event happened last week in Iquique…last Monday it rained…or you could say drizzled the whole afternoon and into the night. The people were quite excited and some scared at the light watery drizzle falling from the sky haha. The houses in northern Chile aren´t quite prepared for rain or drizzle because many don´t have full roofs or have badly constructed roofs. Entonces, lots of water leaked into houses and people had some flooding. Also the electricity wires and poles couldn´t handle the wetness, so lights went out all over Iquique and the electric company didn´t have the means to handle all the havic haha. Our lights went out for a day and a half because we were on the bottom of the priority list as they tried to fix stores and such. It was pretty funny how a drizzle can affect a city for a week of repairs. I can´t imagine if it actually rained. Even in Church, leaders said we were in the last days with disasters such as these…rain in northern Chile lol :) So that was our major historical event!
> We had lots of little miracles this week and brought many investigadors and meno activos to Church yesterday! It was great…we are seeing many blessings from running around all day, trying to find time to visit everyone. We also had a fun FHE with Lucas and his family last night. Lucas is 9 years old and is going to get baptized this Saturday. His mom was menos activa and older brother got baptized last year. So we have been activating the mom, who is now assisting Sacrament Meeting with her sons…happy day!! So we are excited for them. The dad isn´t a member and doesn´t want to go to church…but there is always hope for the future!
> Congrats Vanessa and Ben on baby Chloe!! The pics are so cute!! Good luck with your new little girl and have lots of fun!! Love you tons!!!!
> -Hermana Daly

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yay for Rain!! :) cute update!