Monday, July 13, 2009

Hermana Daly~July 13, 2009~startiing to lose my english skills!

> Hola familia!
> Otro semana! Woops...I was about to write in Spanish, but I guess that wouldn´t work too well lol. I´m really starting to lose my English skills. I started teaching English classes again and we worked on pronunciation...and let´s just say I almost remember how to pronounce everything haha. It´s incredible how you can forget English.
> This past week we had zone conference and talked a lot about menos activos. The Area Presidency is really motivated to activate Chile. So we are spending lots of time finding and visiting menos activos...and have lots of goals to accomplish the rest of this year. We need a put an end to Chile being always related to menos activos lol. So lots of work! There isn´t enough time in the day to get everything done that we need to do...but we are trying to learn how to use time effectively, which is hard when all the Chileans sleep all morning and then have a siesta in the afternoon. So we end up sprinting in the evenings when everyone is up and home lol. But it´s fun!
> Also our ward is now at 3:00 in the afternoon...super late! It´s a bit difficult, but hopefully we will see an increase in assitance from our investigadors and menos activos because they can sleep in in the mornings.
> Well love you all tons!! Have a great week...right now it is winter vacations in Chile! Crazy how opposite it is here! Sometimes it´s a little cold in the evening, but still hot often in the morning and afternoon. Love you!
> -Hermana Daly


Vanessa said...

Well I guess I might have to learn Spanish if I ever want to communicate with Alysia again ;)

Bob said...

Hma. Alysia,

Parece que los chilenos son como los jovenes...Les gustan dormir tarde en la manana y jugar en la noche.