Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Elder Sean~July 7, 2009..."what a difference a week makes"

Hey hey im in poznan for pday and we are about to go play some sports with some homies down here. It is crazy what difference a week makes. We had an amazing miracle filled week. We were able to get both Agnieszka and Henryk on a bunch of our lessons this week and Marcin is still doing great and is ready for his baptism on Saturday. We also have some other investigators that finally decided to make some progress this week.. heck yeahs!! I really felt like we were being led by the Lord this week...in comparison to last week where it just felt like i was trying to force things to make something of anything happen. We had a handful of new people in church and the other elder terkowski and owen and dominating even more so. Fourth of july was rainy here.. but that didnt keep us from eating mdonalds fried apple pies and making rootbeer from concentrate. God bless america!

have a great week, love you guys a ton!

elder sean

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Bob said...

After the trial of our faith comes the blessings...You are inspirational, El. Sean!