Monday, July 6, 2009

Hermana Daly~July 6, 2009...Happy 4th of July!

Hola familia!!!
> Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!! We didn´t do anything special here, but I dreamed like Sean of BBQs and lots of yummy food and fireworks. I did put on a blue skirt and white and red top to sport some American pride lol.
> This week was great…lots of little miracles in finding people who are prepared to hear the Gospel. Heavenly Father truly does put them in our path…it´s up to us to open and mouth and share the Gospel. One lady, Evelyn, was standing on the corner waiting for a micro. We decided to talk to her and she told us how she had received a card from other missionaries, but then lost it. She had wanted to learn more, but didn´t know where to go or how to find the missionaries. We were quite excited to hear her interest…and she told us to pass by the next day. We taught her and her son, and it was great! She doesn´t believe much in religion, but is willing to learn…so we are excited!
> Another night we were walking and saw a woman who was a little sad walking towards us. We talked to her and she told us that there must be a reason that God put us in her path because she was sad from something that she found out about earlier that day. She told us to walk with her and talk as she told us the story and said she wanted to pray with us. So we walked to her apartment and prayed and then shared a little bit about the Gospel. She said she was Catholic, but wanted to learn about what we believed…so we passed by later in the week and shared with her. She is way open to learn, and we are way open to teach…so it´s a good combo :)
> I am grateful for all the experiences I am having and all the things I am learning. We are teaching lots…the only problem (as usual) is getting them to attend Church, but we are working hard!!! Enjoy your week!!!!
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly
> P.S. Oh…my companion Hermana Lugo reminds me lots of Vanessa…she has the same tone voice and sounds/laughs as Vanessa lol. Kinda hard to explain, but

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Bob said...

Way to work, Hma. Alysia...Nate, Liz and I blew up a few things in your honor on the 4th.