Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Elder Daly~July 28, 2009....a great Zone Conference

Zone Conference was in Szczecin this week and it was just as memorable as always. There were way good presentations and my mission heroes Thain and Gray gave their death testimonies. This week we got to do alot of service for Marcin (not the one with the baptisimal date, he fell off the face of the earth)... We helped him do some remodeling and he is honestly the coolest guys ever. He and his wife kinga and their baby are my favorite people in szczecin. He was at chuch this sunday and while we were painting yesterday and told us he knows the book of mormon is a holy book. Which was a huge step from a week ago when he doubted if God even existed. He told us that ever since he started meeting with us his life has been noticeably better. We are excited and we have another meeting with him tonight.
have a great week!

love you all!

elder daly

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