Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Warsaw in Spring

Elder Daly~April 28, 2009~Zone Conf & more baptisms!

We had zone conference this week. I dunno how President Engbjerg does it, but he's always picking the right topics to talk about. This time it was about obedience and purification.

So i had to sell the DVD player, gave my golf clubs to a member, and we drained our
balcony-jacuzzi last night for the last time. Tears were shed, addictions broken, but we
know the result will be for the best. For real though it was a really inspiring and motivating
zone conference. Except for our presentation... haha we talked about becomming master
teachers and meeting the nidzz of investigators. I even compared the conversion process
an investigator to chemistry.. yup double dweeber... haha it was decent.
We extended a baptisimal date to an investigator we met this week named Krzyszek.. haha say that one 3 times fast... or even once, slowly.. he's bomb. He is a 16 year old kid who we met
actually at english last week.. gave him a book of mormon. He read some and liked it alot. We taught
him a first this week. And then he came to church on Sunday... he stayed for all 3 hours.. he was loving
it. There arent any boys his age in the branch but miraculously a family from bydgoszcz was down visiting
and they have a son his age.. so after church we had a meeting with the both of them. Way spiritual and
he accepted the invite to be baptized on the 23rd of may. He was pretty worried about what his parents
were going to think so we are praying we get the chance to meet his family and maybe get them interested.
We had a sweet bonus super saturday for all the youth in poland. We played sports and what not..
it was way good. We had a mission fast this last sunday. And this past week the mission's baptisimal
date list doubled .. Elder Hughes and Brown (the only other elders in our district) had their invesitgator
ella accept a date for the 9th of May. Everyone is way stoked. Obedience is the new cool. And the
North Warsaw Zone is pwning noobskis.
My sisters gave their death testimonies this week at zone conference as well as Elder Whipple.
It was so crazy seeing my sisters get up there. Ugh, time is flowing way too fast... just wish my little
purple raft had brakes or something.
Alright this week im highlighting a member family.. the wisniewskis.. they are so cool. It is
a mom and her three daughters, all in highschool. the mom comes to church very often but the daughters
are a little less active. since we have been meeting with them though they have started coming to activities
and church. they even referred us to a friend of theirs who we are now teaching at their house. They all play
the guitar (which is why they are so bomb) so the first time we went over there we played a few tunes for them
and it was really legit! so fun. They joined the church 3 years ago.. baptized by elder fox who taught me in the mtc.
One of the coolest and most down to earth families ever. love them.
Cultural fact... if you ever ask an old pole for directions.. most of the time they will just point
down a random street and say "just keep going straight!" .. also... i had an old homeless man come
up to me at the platform on the train station.. he thought i was a priest, he grabbed my hands
and asked me to bless him... so i did the first thing that came to my mind and knighted him.. gave him
a tap on each shoulder with my book of mormon.
love you
elder sean

Monday, April 27, 2009

caves and beach from last pday!

Hermana Daly~April 27, 2009..Happy May!

Hola familia!
> Wow, I can´t believe it is almost May!! Incredible!! This past week went by super fast!!! We had interviews with President Urra, which went well!! He has so much love for us, especially as Hermanas lol. We also had special divisions where my Hermana Zamudio and I split up and went with the four Elders for a day. They had been neglecting the investigadors we left them, so Hermana Zamudio went with the new Elders and showed them the ropes – where our investigadors live and such. And I accompanied Elder Lamprecht and Castellaños for the afternoon. I actually learned a lot from how differently the Elders teach and everything. They are more fuerte and right to the point...they like talking about the dangers and evil of Satan in the world. It does work effectively in a way...but I like talking more about the nice and happy things of the Gospel haha. So it was interesting and I learned lots. I am working on being a little more stronger in my teachings.
> This week we also found a miracle family!!! La Familia Pino --- the mom and oldest daughter are menos activos and then there are four other kids all over the age of 8 and wanting to learn about the Gospel!!! Milagro!! We taught them the importance of family and prayer. Unfortunately, they weren´t able to get themselves to church because of the sleep monster and indecision...but there´s always next week!
> Y eso!! The work is great and we are still continuing strong! Love you all!!
> -Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Maja baptism and shopping for Zone Conference

Elder Daly~April 21, 2009...Maja's baptism!

What a week what week. Had some meetings with our superawesomes... agata and robert as well as our black sistuh angela. We had some of the best meetings i've had on my mission with these individuals this week. Members were on them all and they.... honestly... make the most profound difference. They bring buckets of the spirit with them and it makes for the best teaching atmosphere.

I got to go on exchanges with Elder Nelson this week... he's from my mtc group... i love him to pieces. He is a convert to the church. He started investigating while at Virginia Tech and now he is the best missionary the church has to offer. Im pretty sure he even gets more monthly funds than the rest of us.

Maja was baptized this week! We went to her baptism and it was so good. I got to be there at the start and now to see her making those first steps into the gospel is the coolest thing ever.

Sorry about one of the pictures being all crappy and uncentered.. i had to ask like 50 people if they would take a picture before somebody actually would... and she was this old lady that didnt know what a digital camera was haha.. at first she was holding it backwards and looking through the lens.. so funny. We went shopping for zone conference food this morning.

have a great week

love you all bunches!

elder sean

Monday, April 20, 2009

Hermana Daly~April 20, 2009...The Branch

Hola familia!
> Just got back from playing dodge ball at the beach and exploring caves...so much fun!!! Yay for P-Days that aren´t soccor lol :) This week was way busy in the branch. Our goal was to visit tons of members and take them out of their houses to do missionary work. We were able to leave with 10 members!!! We found some good investigadors and everything.
> We had to work especially hard because we convinced our President to keep us in the branch. There was an “special” cambio this past week with an Elder from another mission, so President Urrra had to figure out where to put him. Then the assistants and Elders were saying how the sector of the brach is dead and there is no progress. So then President Urra called us and asked why we chose to work in the brach if there was no progress; and he thought we should stay in the ward and close the branch. But we didn´t want to close the branch and saw lots of potential. As of five years ago there were two wards in this same sector and there are two chapels. One is used for institute now and now the other one barely opened for the new branch. Needless to say, it was a bit of a fiasco...but in the end I gave my opinion to President Urra and he said ok, we could stay in the branch. Then he had a dream that night confirming that it would work out. The only downside is that we probably won´t have baptisms this cambio, so we need to work hard showing there is potential in the branch.
> Anyways, then he sent two more Elders to work in Arica Centro (the ward) with the other Elders. So now there are four of them in an apartment and we are still in our apartment and walking tons to get to our sector. There aren´t any apartments for rent, so we are still keeping our eyes peeled. We are still waiting for it to cool off in the mornings, but it is still way hot! At least the nights are getting cooler.
> So we are starting to dig some roots in the branch. We will see who out of our new invesitgadors are going to progress this week...our goal this week is to get people to Church Sunday. We are also going to give talks on missionary work and how the members can help so we can have lots of success in the branch!! Members are truly the key...just need to help them realize that and keep them to work :) Help out your missionaries!!!
> Love you all tons!!! Enjoy your week!
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Elder Daly~April 14, 2009~golden contacts

Not alot of people wanted to meet with us this week because of the holiday. But we found a golden investigator this week. We contacted this lady named Agata by a metro station and she had time right then and there to meet with us. We went to a cafe nearby and taught her the restoration. She loved it and the next day she came to church and stayed for all the 3 hours and we even had the chance to have a member lesson with her after church. She was way excited to read the book of mormon.

I went on a couple of exchanges this week.. one with Elder Brown and another with Elder Thomas. A couple of my favorite people of all time. Easter was pretty uneventful except for Agata making it to church. yesterday was smingus dingus ... the giant water fight after Easter. People didnt get too into it this year. I did talk to this random old lady on the bus and she told me how she woke up extra early and drenched her husband. I love the old ladies in Poland, simply the coolest.

my little miracle story of the week... we were on a whiteboard in centrum on this way long street that connects the trainstation with the metro station. We were asking people.. :"if you were an egg where would you hide" ... i saw this lady sitting on a bench way about half way down the street.. i felt like i needed to go give her a shout out so i started making my trek to her... getting rejected left and right by people as i made my way towards her. As i contact someone right in front of her the person shot back something bratty at me and the lady on the bench (Jola) laughed at me and said something to the tune of "tough place, huh" ... we sat and chatted for a good 15 minutes ... she's a methodist and she had heard of us but wasnt aware we existed in Poland.. she set up to get a book of mormon and talk more this week.

culture tid bit : ..the polish children get their baskets blessed by the priest.

Happy spring time!... yeahh i love it :-) ... love you all!

Elder Daly

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hermana Daly~April 13, 2009~Birthday and Easter fun!

Hola familia!!!
> Hope everyone had a great Easter!! Easter isn´t much of a big deal in Chile...the Catholics have their special meetings and that is about it...and the members here don´t know the Easter hymns or anything so we didn´t sing them. But I think some of the kids had the Easter bunny visit them, but not so common here. I ate some chocolate easter eggs that Elder Lamprecht gave me for my birthday...yum yum lol. The Elders, my companion, and a family in the ward threw me a little surpirse bday party which was fun! Hermano Wilson is way funny and wanted me to have a special day. We ate tons of food...Hermana Zamudio made a cake and brownies which was yummy. And then Hermano Wilson played a joke when he whipped out some champagne and then went in the other room to “pour” some glasses. When he came out, Hermana Zamudio was freaking out because she really thought it was champagne (she is WAY gulliable) as Hermano Wilson gave me a glass. I knew it was probably Canada Dry, so I drank some and Hermana Zamudio about attacked me lol. Then she realized it was all a joke...was funny. So that was my bday fun!
> As for the new branch...we had a pretty good turn out. We are working hard with all the menos activos and bringing them back to Church. A lot of members have fond memories of the chapel, so all are very excited. But the sector is a bit hard in regards to missionary work because it is the business part of Arica. The members don´t have a lot of ánimo to share with their neighbors, but we are trying to infuse them with faith and Spirit of missionary work. So we are praying for miracles this week in finding people to teach.
> Also this last week we had Zone Conference, which is always a treat. President Urra and his wife are amazing and so loving! We learned lots on how we can become better disciples of Christ, more effective missionaries, and how to purify our lives so we can teach with more power and authority from God.
> This week´s task is also to find an apartment in our sector because right now it´s like 30 to 45 minutes to walk to our sector...which isn´t a very effective use of our time. And they don´t have such places as Real Estate offices to help us...you should come work in Chile mom!! Lots of potential...so the way to find apartments here is to look for signs in windows are ask people if they know of any. So that´s that lol.
> So we are up for a challenge in this new branch, but we are continuing forward with faith and diligence! Love you all!!! Have a great week!!!
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Elder Daly~April 7, 2009....Sean..the professor

happy birthday lysh dawg :-) hope you had a great day of birth. 22... hitting the prime baby ... hope you got to ride a sweet chilean llama or something. I love you sister, keep dominating.

Elder Packer was sick for a lot of this week unfortunately... so i got to make a bjillion calls to formers and less actives... some of the funniest phone convos ever though. People yelling at me, reminiscing on the good old times with elder smith or joebob from back in '92, and there were even a few that wanted to meet again after 3,4 or 13 year periods of no contact with us... should be an adventure.

We got to watch conference this week! First one I've seen since I dunno when.. but it was so epic, was it not? I loved every talk. We got to watch the Saturday morning and afternoon, priesthood, and sunday morning session. We had 3 investigators come to different ones and they loved it. so for 2 of the 4 sessions we had to suffer through the polish lektored room with investigators... just kidding it wasnt suffering, but lets just say id fail the pop quiz on what they talked about. ehh maybe D -

Spiritual highlight of the week... well i had the opportunity to give Elder Packer a blessing which is always a special thing, conference easily a highlight, but as far as misisoanry work goes we had this way cool lesson with a couple of college students.. Kasper (not a ghost, but, yes.. very friendly) and Konrad. We had met konrad on the street a couple of days before and he sure enough he brought his homie to the lesson at the chapel.. we gave them a quick tour and then talk about the restoration and some basics about God and such. They had some way good questions and even better answers. The spirit dominated them for sure when we started talking about Joseph Smith ... and they were way stoked to read the book of mormon and find out for themselves... way cool and humble guys.

Somewhat redonkulous lesson of the week... we met with a man named Zymunt. He's about 4'10, round, 70's and has this sweet bonus bottle thick glasses. He was a potential with just an address written and his description in the area book as "nice old man!" ... sure he was nice... but we would soon stumble across a few more adjectives to describe our friend zygmunt. Elder Packer and I sat down once he let us in, but for some reason he just stood their with this jovial look on his face... we started talking to him getting to know him and all of the sudden he took off his pants... luckily he had long johns on underneath so no damage done, then he walked into the kitchen and started whipping up a batch of tea for us.. we told him about the word of wisdom, but he didnt listen, and got kinda offended later in the lesson when we didnt drink it. We started asking him about his faith and what not, but then he got up and turned some classical music, walked into the kitchen and came back with a seringe, lifted up his shirt, and gave himself an insulin shot. After several more attempts we finally gave him a quick message about how the book of mormon is and why it is.. then got out of dodge, really weird man.

Also.. i forgot to tell you all last week but elder packer and I got to go to this college about 90 mins outside of warsaw and teach a 2 hour lecture about the church and it's teachings! it was so cool. The girls were getting a little too excited around Elder Packer though so we had to make a quick exit after the question answer session.

Have a happy easter!

love you

elder daly

Monday, April 6, 2009

Hermana Daly~April 6, 2009...22 years old this week!

Hola familia!!!
> Thanks for the birthday wishes...no quiero cumplir 22 años --- Que vieja! :) Lol General Conference was so great this weekend!! Us gringos got to listen to it in English in another room, which was a relief and blessing. Three of our investigadors came too!! I loved the talks and the music...such a strong spirit always...and a little truncky seeing salt lake and all the Utahans lol. All of us moaned when one of the speakers said, now I want to you imagine yourself in front of your home...you open the door and walk in...what do you see, is the kitchen a place you can eat and be with you family and so on...haha. I miss the kitchen and eating food with you family lol. But that´s that...I love being in Chile and in the mission – what a blessing!! Between the sessions Sunday we ate with two of the ward families in the chapel together, which was fun --- like a great big family dinner. One of the families is Familia Henriquez, who are like my little Chilean family. Hermano Henriquez is way funny and nice...works in the army and makes sure us Hermanas are protected. Also their three year old daughter Catita is way cute and calls me Tía Daly. I´m going to miss them tons.
> So the decision was made and us hermanas are off to the branch the next week and the Elders are going to stay in Arica Centro. They said it was more safer for us hermanas in el Centro. But it is way sad to leave all our investigadors and everything...we do have Miguel in the branch though which is great! However, our one miracle family with less-active parents and daughter Valentína that wants to get baptized is way sad. We put a baptismal date for her at the end of the month, but they don´t want us to leave and were crying and everything. I felt really bad and didn´t want to leave them either. So we are going to have a few more citas with them this week and with the Elders so they can get to know them and love them too! Hopefully it all works out! I think there are about 40 active members who are going to be in the branch, so we need to work tons!! I´m up for the challenge!
> Well love you tons and have a great Easter week!!!
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly