Monday, June 29, 2009

Hermana Daly~June 29, 2009..beautiful Iquique!

Hola familia!!
> Wow!! Iquique is so beautiful!!! When we left our pension the first morning, I couldn´t believe the view. Iquique is abunch of hills and sand dunes with the ocean down below…so beautiful, but that does mean lots of hills to climb and tired legs lol. I´m trying to get use to the hills, but the view of the ocean is definitely worth it. The weather is a bit cooler than Arica, so I need to start taking out the coats and sweaters. This sector is also a lot more richer than where I was in Arica…with huge houses, hotel-looking apartment buildings, and lots of nice cars. That also surprised me because my concept of Chile was my sector in Arica which was poorer. The people are way nice though because our sector is mostly residential and a lot more tranquil than Arica Centro…so lots more lessons and people willing to talk to us. So I am very content. I do miss Arica and Hermana Zamudio, but it was time for a change especially since I like change and was in Arica for a long time.
> Hermana Lugo is also way nice…she does have a different accent from the Chileans and uses some words I don´t know that they use a lot in Columbia. So I´m learning Columbia Spanish now too. I´m way excited to work together and see some miracles. We also have a few jovenes (teens) in this sector too as in Arica, who also want to learn English…so I´m getting ready for more English classes. There are also a lot of menos activos here where the whole family is not members, so lots of work in that area. The Area Presidency of Chile has the goal of activating menos activos, so as a mission we are focusing on menos activos again and sharing with them a letter from the Presidency that talks about remaining in the Gospel your whole life. Endure to the end!!
> And that is my first impression of beautiful Iquique. Oh and also that Iquique has a lot more sick people with the influenza and gripe porcina…everyone is sick. I´m glad we have missionary protection. I´m grateful for the Gospel and this time in my life to give all to the Lord. Have a great week and share the gospel with all!!!
> -Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Elder Daly~June 23, 2009..2 baptisms in a 6 week transfer!

hey hey its transfer time woot. im staying with my boy guthrie, an apartment is getting closed down in szczecin because of the kryzys, so there will only be 4 missionaries here.. me and guthrie... terkowski and my son elder owen is coming back to me!!! it is going to be an unreal transfer.

this week was amiable, we were polish frosted flaked 11 times... a new europe central area record. but it was ok because we found some even more elect people as we contacted and tracted this week. We tracted into some way cool families that we are excited about. We really dont have any serious progressing investigators... those that are reading the book of mormon are students and they all have finals for the next few weeks...
so we are on the back burner for a lot of people right now.

As far as the highlight of the week goes we had this one cool experience finding. We spend alot of our day near centrum because naturally thats where all the szczecin homies are... but every now and again we explore the outer reaches of the city so the other day we decided to go out to this park in the middle of nowhere... it was kinda risky too because it was going to take us a 20 mins to get out there and we knew there werent alot of people out in the stix... when we arrived there was basically nobody anywhere, the park was pretty though. We finally reached a part of the park where there were a few benches and a middle aged lady was sitting on one of them.. she was visibly distraught and she definitely looked like she was having a case of the mondays. We stopped and talked to her and after a way cool convo she gave us her contact and wants to talk we'll see.

we went flower shopping this week for the chapel... and afterwards i was able to cross out another one of my potential future careers... i just dont have a knack for interior design. I wanted to get real flowers, but i didnt want them to die and watering flowers is way difficult and time consuming as we all know.. so i decided to go the modern age awesome way and get some fake ones... henryk and agnieszka came in on sunday and the first thing they said was... what the heck is with the crappy flowers. i gotta go by some real ones now.

my boy guthrie gave his first talk in sacrament meeting! i was way proud he melted faces talking about the restoration. i gave the lesson, it was ok... the branch is growing more and more each sunday... marcin is getting baptized on saturday.. i should clarify that agnieszka was Elder beans and terkowskis investigator and that marcin is elder edmunds and grays. It's way cool that we are going to have 2 baptisms in a 6 week transfer and the branch has officially doubled! rock on.

i got your package this week mother! thanks so much... now i dont have to rock my flip flops anymore and i can lace up the dockers again. yess. thanks for all the letters and support. miss you all

love you

elder daly

Monday, June 22, 2009

Youth Baptisms in Arica..yay!

Hermana Daly~June 22,2009.....transfer to Iquique tomorrow!

Hola familia!!
> Sorry I don´t time do write once again...I had to download last minute pics and teach Hna Zamudio how to use the computer lol. Last week I taught her how to use the microwave haha. But she sews my broken buttons, so its a fair trade.
> And...duhduhduh...MY FIRST CAMBIO OF THE MISSION...I head off to Iquique tomorrow, which is the next city south of Arica. My new comp is Hna Lugo from Columbia. She only has one cambio in the mission and seems really nice from the one time I met her. So i´m excited!!
> The baptism with Grace and Cristian went well!!! They are soooo great!!! I´m happy in the mission! Love you all!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Elder Daly~June 16, 2009..a baptism in Szeczecin!

The branch had a baptism this week! thus quadrupling our membership and putting szczecin on the map.. Agnieszka was baptized... she's solid. She is 20 and is so excited to start helping us build the branch here. Following her baptism, another person accepted a date so things are getting going here.

the work is rolling along and life is mm mm good. hope you all have a great week!


elder daly

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hermana Daly~June 15, 2009..Upcoming baptisms..yay!

Hola familia!!
> I don´t have much time to write, but I hope everyone is doing super bien!!! Another fast week and we only have one week left in this cambio, crazy!!! Miracles happened and two of my kids (investigadors) are going to get baptized this Saturday...Grace (14) and Cristian (8). I am so happy and love working and teaching all the children. We have others who want to get baptized, but we still have to talk to their parents which is hard in one of our cases. But I am grateful for the opportunity I have to teach and learn from the children and youth and our Heavenly Father. The Gospel is truly a guide for them in their lives and in this crazy world.
> This week Elder Dixon from the Seventy is coming to talk to us missionaries, so I am excited for that. Yay for the hard work and blessings of the mission. I love you all and hope everyone has a great week!!!
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Elder Daly~June 9, 2009~Epic week for Szeczecin!

This was an epic week for szczecin. We had a ridonkulous turn out for sacrament meeting on sunday. It was a way good fast and testimony meeting and Henryk shared a ground shaking testimony. We had some great meetings with people this week and as always we are excited about the potential some of them have to progress towards baptism. We had some cool experiences this week with applying what we were taught in Zone conf. about having a concrete vision. We found the type of people we had prayed to find in the places we had planned and prayed about going to.

Dont really have anything too entertaining to report... just, ya know, missionary miracle stories of spiritual greatness... nothing too cool. haha, we really are watching the Lord singlehandedly dominate Szczecin, he's slapping some catholics around... a couple Jw's here and there... it's a fun time to be a missionary.

I have to tell you about our service we do each week.... it's so fun. We take around this physically handicapped kid named Maciej... he's 13 and we just hang out with him and babysit him for 2 hours. What usually happens is we take him on walks in his wheelchair... or i guess you'd call that a cruise.. yeahhh... we cruise around his neighborhood causing mischief and what not.. I have the funniest stories from it.. email wont do it justice though... so ill fill y'all in in November.

thank you for all your love and support, you guys are the bees knees, cat's pajamas

i love you!

elder daly

ps.. hook someone up with a mormon book this week, theyll think youre sweet bonus.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Hermana Daly~June 8, 2009~4th of July in Arica!

Hola familia!!
> ¿Como está Hawaii? Fun, fun, fun. I want to go swim in the beach...I´m having swimming withdrawls lol. I just have to pretend I´m swimming in the shower. Another week...was a little difficult with trying to find people wanting to listen. Everyone is caught up in their own world. Missionary work is definately a lot of work and emotions because you come to feel pain when people don´t want to listen or accept the Gospel, but are estatic when they do. When I see everyone as my brother and sister, I want them so bad to accept the Gospel. I also want the members to have more love for our investigadors and for others. We learned lots about this this last week. Love, love, love lol.
> Sunday was 7th de Junio, which is like 4th of July for Arica. It was when Peru and Chile had a big fight over this land...and Chile won. So lots of celebrating with fireworks (which we couldn´t see), yummy empanadas, and army marches. So that was fun to see bits and pieces throughout the day when we were near the Centro. However, the night before Saturday parties had an effect on our investigadors---our kids lol. They all slept in except for Cristian Gutierres. But we did get the mom of the other kids, who is inactive, to church this sunday. She hasn´t been in years. Both the parents are inactive and 4 of the 9 kids that were baptized. So it was a miracle having her in Church.
> Arica was a little cooler in the nights and mornings, but this last weekend not so summer again and more face sun burns haha. Enjoy the summer weather in the states! Love you all!!!
> -Hermana Daly

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 2009~pics from Sean!!

missionary life in Szezcin

Elder Daly~June 2, 2009~the finding continues in our little town of Szczecin

This week was zone conference week so we headed down to warsaw for yet another ... It was great we had Elder Causse from france come and speak to us. He said some cool stuff to us about obtaining a concrete vision of what we want/who we want to find and then going to the lord as we plan to make our vision a reality. Some of my favorite missionaries ever gave their dying testimonies and all in all the conference was good. Probably the best part was getting to take a sleeper night train back to szczecin with the whole district. We accidentally slept in and ended up in berlin. But a couple Guten Tags later and we made it back to Poland safely.

The finding continues in our little town of szczecin.. we have already seen some amazing miracles with meeting some of the coolest people ever... we are definitely still in the early stages of gathering and laying the foundation. Loving it though.... we are having a great time trying to get some stuff going here. We trust the Lord and know He is going to make some sicky stuff happen in Szczecin.

Lots of drama going on in the branch.. odd for a branch of 2 active members.. but henryk hasnt proved to be an enemy but he definitely hasnt proved to be a help as of yet.. he declined the call to be my first counselor, said some weird stuff during church.. hopefully the investigators come back. Some other crazy stuff going on with some less active members we are trying to get back.

cultural tidbit.... i dunno if ive shared this one but Polish people are the most ruthless when it comes to standing in a line or waiting for something. They are generally really polite but when it comes to waiting in line even for a Mccy D's burger some(older homies) will slip in front of you if you arent glued to the person waiting in front of you.
tidbit #2... polish people are the greatest in the world.

I love you all.. have fun in maui... geez.. all Dad gave me was a couple of cardboard boxes and the boot.. juuust kidding :-) love you dad. have a great week!

love elder sean

Monday, June 1, 2009

Hermana Daly~June 1, 2009~Yay for the scriptures!

Hola familia!
> I hope everyone is doing well!! Another week...with zone conference and interviews with President Urra!! Zone conference was great...very spiritually uplifting. Four missionaries from Arica are finishing their missions this month and gave very powerful stories and testimonies...our two zone leaders, a district leader, and trainer. So it started of conference with a strong Spirit. Then my companion and I had to give a short presentation on how to have more success in lessons with members. It wasn´t too bad...I almost got all my Spanish down haha. Then we had other presentations from the assistants, Pres. Urra, and his wife on how we can purify our lives and have more success as missionaries. It was great!!! The next day we had interviews...I passed lol.
> So we are working hard these last three weeks of the cambio to have baptisms...because the future of the branch will be determined in these next few weeks. I am ready to do whatever is the Lord´s will. I am grateful for the gospel and all I am learning. My love for the scriptures continually skyrockets as I have amazing personal studies. It´s amazing when you move from one level of spritual understanding to another because now everything I read is 10 times more profound. The Gospel is everything and spritual knowledge is the most important knowledge and wisdom I can gain. Yay for the scriptures!!
> P.S. thanks for the pics of laney´s grad and the pregnant cousings...SO CUTE!! Love you!!!
> -Hermana Daly