Monday, March 31, 2008

Lots of London Fun!

Day Trip to LIVERPOOL...home of the Beatles! A group of us rode a five hour bus ride to chill for a quick day in Liverpool; I wish we had gotten to stay longer but it was a blast. First we went to the Beatles Musuem which was so so cool - old guitars, posters, reconstruction of the Cavern (one of the first bars they played in), and of course music :)

We hung out mostly around the Albert docks on the River that water lol.

We went to the Merseyside Maritime Musuem, which had a Titanic exhibit that I was so excited to see!!

We went on a ferry ride on the Mersey to see more of the sights of Liverpool. It was pretty sweet, but way windy! Then we walked a little bit more around the city and happened upon The Beatles hotel - Hard Days Night Hotel :) I thought that was pretty clever.

This last Saturday, I had a very British day. First, a bunch of us put on our Oxford apparel to root for them in the Oxford vs. Cambridge football game. We realized that British don't wear team paraphernalia when we got to the game, so we stuck out as crazy Americans...especially when I tried to fake a British accent which was a big mistake when I got a little carried away when I was telling a story and a bunch of Brits turned around and stared me down or just thought I was crazy lol. Anyways, it was a good game but Cambridge got in two goals the last few minutes winning 5-3.

After the game, my friend Andrea and I went to boat race between the two schools as well. It is a big deal in London, so tons of people were there partying it up on the Thames. It was kinda rainy so I got soaked through, but it was tons of fun. And Oxford slaughtered Cambridge, so we were proud :)

I never had the chance to put up pictures from when we went to Stratford a few weeks ago and visited all the Shakespeare sights. We went to his wife's, Anne Hathaway, cottage; took a tour of Shakespeare's birthplace; went to his grave; and then went to the play, Henry IV Part 1. Good times!!

Oh and I saw this on the way to Shakespeare's birthplace and it just reminded me of Harry Potter :)

PLAYS!!! So I found a new love...watching plays in London. I have spent too much money on all the shows I have watched but it has been worth it. Other than the few I already talked about at the beginning, I saw Wicked twice and then Phantom of the Opera, Lord of the Rings (musical type - it was very interesting lol), Sound of Music, and Mousetrap.


Jack & Charlene said...

Can't wait to hear your British Accent! Loved the report & pictures. We have learned many new things about England and the British through your wonderful Blogs. THANK YOU !!

Bob said...


Liverpool is quickly becoming the new Barcelona of the Continent...Now that you've graced it with your presence, it's sure to become the next Travel Destination. So, how was LOTR the Musical? Good music? How much of the story did they tell? Inquiring fans of Tolkien want to know.

Loving your reports!

Uncle Bob

Vanessa said...

Awesome pics!!!! :)

C & C Beecher said...

love,love,love this post!