Monday, October 20, 2008

ELDER SEAN . .October 20, 2008...HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEAN!!

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone!

This is gunna be a quick one because it took me an hour to get my pres letter sent.. the computer keeps kicking me off.

We had 3 investigators in church yesterday.. among them was marysza. she is doing better than last week.. we found out she isnt in love with one of us .. that was just justyna being crazy, we've concluded she has a demon in her, she's dropped. We had a few meetings with marysza this week.. one after church yesterday where we asked her some of the baptisimal questions and she had some amazing answers. We moved the baptism back to the 30th of this month but its looking good for the time being. The branch did a great job of befriending her this week. We also had Wojtek and his friend in church. We gave his friend a book of mormon and we have a meeting with both of them tonight. Wojtek isnt even a member and he is the best missionary we've got. We had a few other 1st lessons with some potentials most of which went davagely. Bydgoszcz is Zion, simply put. I also got a call from elder adams from my group who is in warsaw right now.. he said that andrzej .. a guy that deuel and i taught 4 months ago now wants to be baptized. So thats pretty cool.

Thank you so much for the package... the scrapbook was incredible. Its funny how i go from enormous as an infant.. to rad looking as a pre teenager.. than at 13 something went terribly wrong and not only did i get fatter but i got really really ugly... im still trying to climb back to cute but the mission and daGrassos pizza isnt helping.

thanks grandma and grandpa for the letter as well as the Kjars, you all are amazing

i love you all have a wonderful week!

elder sean


Bob said...

Happy Birthday, El. Sean...Good idea dropping the "demon" babe.

Jordan said...

Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji urodzin! (That is supposed to be the equivalent of happy birthday in Polish). OR... Sto Lat!