Wednesday, October 8, 2008

HERMANA DALY . . week #2 MTC

Hola familia y amigos!!!
> It has now been two weeks at the MTC...crazy!!! I just got back from the temple, which was way nice. The Provo temple is soooo beautiful inside :)
> I hope everyone had a great weekend with General Conference!!!...I know I did! It was so amazing. I don't know if I loved it so much because I am more focused as a missionary and was actually up for all the sessions lol or what. But all the talks were so great!!! One theme I got out of Conference was how we shouldn't let life's challenges discourage us, but enjoy life in the Now and continue to have hope. Heavenly Father will never leave us and loves us so much and wants us to succeed. I especially like Elder Holland's talk on how there are mortal and immortal angels all around us to bear us up. He also quoted one of my favorite scriptures, D&C 84:88 which I love. I also liked how he said we need to be more angelic ourselves and love everyone. A lot of talks were about how we need to be more unified and look our for each other. I also loved whenever President Monson talked...again how we need to live life to the fullest, work hard, do our best, be grateful, and the Lord will help and bless us. I could go on and on....Conference was just so great...and experiencing it with tons of other missionaries all scrunched into the gym was great; the Spirit was so strong.
> We also had a devotional last night where Elder Callister from the Seventy came and talked to us. It was a very humbling talk because he talked about how we need to not only be great missionaries, but consecrated missionaries --- we must lay everything on the altar of sacrifice and hold nothing back; we must submit our whole soul and will to the will of the Lord. He then listed some things we need to do such as leave all our fears and just open our mouths at all times and in all places, which is a hard thing for me. But I know I must not fear man because the Lord's message of the Gospel is the greatest gift I can give. He also spoke of other things...then after devotional we have a discussion in our district which was a very spiritual experience. First we all shared what we learned, which was basically how much we need to improve to truly be the Lord's servants. Then we decided to all share our testimonies, which really helped unify our district. There are Elders in the district that I knew were struggling with different things and didn't quite know if they wanted to really put their whole heart into the work. But as each bore their testimonies, it being hard for some to really open up, I really learned a lot more about the Elders. They each have had unique experiences and reasons for being here, and have the desire to learn to be the Lord's missionary. My testimony really grew from theirs and their faith in going on a mission. I know all the Elders are going to do great!
> I learning so much on how to be a better teacher, and still have so much to improve on. As for the Spanish, I didn't realize how much I already knew before I came here. I know and understand everything when it is spoken, I just need to be able to speak it -- which is the more important thing lol :) Practice, practice, practice!
> Well thank you again for all the letters --- and for the packages Briana and Amanda!!!! -- I just love all the pack and ship workers and their boxes I get to open up :) LOVE YOU ALL and have a great week!!!
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly


Bob said...

Hma. Daly just gave another great talk in her e-mail...Powerful.

Thank you for bringing the Spirit to our blog every week, El. Sean and Hma. Alysia.

bricarr said...

no problem! :D hahah we LOVE YOU!

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Steph said...

wow--she seems like a different girl than the one who lived with me in Belmont, eating ice chips and watching Disney movies :) hehe. What a good missionary!