Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hermana Daly~Oct 29, 2008..'a spiritual feast'

> So we are so spoiled here at the MTC - not just with food that adds on to my body not-needed pounds lol - but we are spoiled with spiritual food as well!! I love Sundays and Tuesdays the most because we get to here from such wonderful speakers. Last night for devotional we had another amazing opportunity to listen to an Apostle - L. Tom Perry!!! It is just amazing how when an apostle walks into the room, the spirit is so so strong. He was great and just told us some things we could do as teachers and missionaries. One of my favorite parts was singing the closing song, "I Believe in Christ". The Spirit was amazing as we praised and sang of our knowledge of Christ!
> Sunday Elaine Dalton spoke to us in Relief Society and talked about virtue. I liked when she said "Love who you are and how you are uniquely made so you can perform the missions you are called to in this life." I loved this because it is really easy to compare yourself to other missionaries and people, but then I remember which each have unique talents and abilities that the Lord needs of us for His children. Then for our Fireside, we had another powerful speaker - Stephen Allen who talked about not giving into Satan when he pushes our buttons and wants us to give up. We must fight back and continue strong in the Lord's help.
> Spanish is going well. We are just teaching the first lesson abunch in spanish...each time it gets a little better and the teachers we go to help us focus on different things so we can be better teachers. They were pretty amazed at our spanish speaking ability for only being here four weeks....but I told them I was kinda a cheater because I knew some before lol. So ya, just little by little Spanish gets easier.
> Everything else is great! I'm glad it's the time in the MTC is downhill from here...I love it and love learning, but I am starting to get ADD because I haven't been out of like a 1/2 mile radius in a month haha.
> Again thanks for all the letters and love!!! I hope everyone is doing well!!! Love life and live it to the fullest everyday!!!
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly


Bob said...

El. Sean and Hma. Alysia,

Thank you for giving us spiritual transfusions every week!

Vanessa said...

Thanks Alysia :)