Monday, October 6, 2008

SEAN..October 6, 2008...the difference between the pope & our prophet?

happy birthday camoooo!! oh man teenager in 3 days remember when you were in like 3rd grade and girls would call you up after school leaving messages pleading for you to come play with them.. i can only imagine how many girls are chasing you now... stay away from them they still have cooties.. especially the idaho girls, you don't know what sorts of parasites they have from working in the fields. i love you cam you are the man.. the son that is going to have to carry on the daly name because lets be honest.. what girl is going to want to marry me... i hope your package gets to you in one piece, i have my doubts. have a great birthday!

This week we had... 3 meetings.. 2 with wojtek. He is an exceptional human being for real. He has a stonger testimony and knows more about the church than I do.. it was really hard to plan for him because he already knows everything and he knows what he needs to do to change. Both of our meetings were really special experiences that I havent had very often since Ive been here... He came to church for the second time this week.. but he is going to be gone working for a while.. however he actually is coming back in 2 weeks i think which rocks! i really think he is sick of not being able to overcome his addiction and he's going to get over the hump in the near future.

Our 3rd meeting was more like a presentation. We got invited to go to this rotary club at this fancy hotel in downtown bydgoszcz. We sat around this huge table and got fed way disgusting rich people food... like jello-ed meat.. rancid stuff. We got the floor for about 45 mins to talk about our experiences in Poland and about our church.. it was pretty cool although there was this one heckler guy that would throw in one liners after pretty much everything i said... ah i wanted to rock his world. At one point they asked us what the difference was between the pope and our prophet.. it got way quiet and i told him like it is... the Prophet pwns noobs like the pope all day long on xbox live madden.. Nah i told them that the pope didnt have the priesthood authority from God and they all were way quiet for a solid 15 seconds.. it was awesome i loved it haha.. none of them were really interested in the Gospel but except for the heckler they were incredibly nice. And we met this brazilian guy our age that is staying with one of the members of this rotary club on an exchange. He knew some english and we sat and talked with him for a half hour after the meeting.. he was awesome. So the only baptism of my mission might be a brazilian.. i asked him if he knew jared roberts and his eyes got way big... "the guy on all the billboards right now in sao paulo?" ... "yeah thats gotta be him" .. so i dunno what Jared is doing down there in Brazil but he is a BIG deal needless to say.

I also got to go on exchanges to torun.. which is one of the prettiest cities in poland about 1 hour away from bydgoszcz.. it was a lot of fun.. one of the most successful days ive had in a long time.

to answer some questions real quick.. solec is about a 40 mins bus ride from bydgoszcz... when Polish ppl feed us it is always a surprise .. ive never had the same thing twice.. alot of soups.. meat cutlets.. sausage .. mushrooms... salads its been pretty good since i got to bydgoszcz.. wojtek is one of the best cooks ever.

alright im out to go enjoy a pday in the rain.. miss you family.. glad you enjoyed new york mom and dad that sounds like a blast... lysha keep rocking the mtc... laners, dont get too popular over there at eagle high, its funny that the boys are too intimidated to ask you and sara out.. consequences of being too davage, cameron have a most excellent birthday sorry im not there to hit the wrong chords on the guitar while we sing happy birthday to ya.

love and lots of it


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Ben N Nessa said...

Sean, your letters make me smile! Miss ya! Good work :)