Monday, October 27, 2008

October 27, 2008..HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Well winter finally found its way to europe .. the beginning of it anyways.. preeeetty cold. how is it over there? .. they have ginormously awesome animal fur hats.. let me know if you want me to hook you guys up with any. We had a leadership meeting for all the dl zl and bp's ... so i spent wednesday and thursday in warsaw then came back friday... they talked about some ok things but I wasn't a huge fan of some of the things that were said. Overall i think it was a waste of time because it took all 4 missionaries out of Bydgoszcz for a few days. But hey they did talk about health at the meeting mom :-) ... they had the couple in charge of mental health come and give a presentation. it was good.. im unhealthy.. which is probly why im ridiculously tired all the time.. so next to my picture of the first presidency i put up the food pyramid.. solved that problem. we're good :-)

Marysza's baptism is still scheduled for thursday as long as we can reserve a pool today. Originally she told us she was deathly afraid of pools because she almost drowned when she was younger so we tried to look for a river or something by they are just wayy to cold so we talked her into having it in a pool. She is doing really good, came to church yesterday and is fitting into the branch better and better every week. I got chewed out again by the branch president. It's a weekly thing that i get to look forward to every sunday. This time he blamed the missionaries for stealing the juice and food in the primary room... he's kinda one of those guys that jumps to conclusions and cant ever be wrong... my love for him just isnt reciprocated .. bummin.

have a happy halloween day!.. we have day of the dead here .. just millions of Poles visiting the grave sites of their loved ones. Ive heard its pretty intense.. no tricking treating though.. szkoda.

pictures next week.. promise

z miloscia wieczna

elder daly


Bob said...

I thought Day of the Dead was a Mexico thing, but it must be a Catholic thing...I hope the big fur hats aren't made of nutria.

Eat healthy, El. Sean.

Jordan said...

That wouldn't be good for business.... or anyone.

Vanessa said...