Wednesday, October 22, 2008

HERMANA DALY~Oct 22, month to go!

Hola familia!!
> So it has almost been a month!!! Pretty crazy...time has gone by so fast and they say that the second half goes by even faster. We started to teach the first lesson in spanish, which was kinda hard. But we have like a million appointments in the teaching evaluation building to practice teaching. I've learned that once you start speakin in Spanish, our message is must simpler because I can't say much - but maybe that's a good thing :)
> We also went to the RC - the referral call center - for the first time where you call people that order a DVD or Bilble or Book of Mormon and check if that got it and then get them to accept an appointment from the missionaries. But I am not much of a talking on the phone person, so I was terrified lol. But it was in the middle of the day so like no one answered, and the few that anwered were like the daughter or someone else. So I didn't do to well at that...maybe I'll get over my phone-phobia sometime soon haha. But the Elders are way good at it!! One of our Elders had like ten people answered and got all of them to accept a visit from the missionaries, so that was pretty awesome!!
> This last Sunday was great of course! Sheri Dew was the speaker at the fireside, which was awesome! She is such a great speaker --- she talked about how we need to keep our whole focus on Christ, and coming unto Him and walking away from the world. She said we could do that by first clearly understanding who we are. We were saved to live in the last days and are the great and noble ones sent to preach the Gospel. Heavenly Father knew He would need us at this time, and it is our duty to uphold that call and preach the Gospel and do what the Lord expects of us. I really love that knowledge! Also she said we need to be obedient, which is a constant topic for us in the MTC :) And also we need to seek to be more pure in every way, and listen to the Lord through scriptures, personal revelation, and our prophets and apostles. It was a great talk!!!
> Other than that, it is just study - work - and eat! I still love it...sometimes it gets hard or overwhelming, but then I bring my focus back as to why I am here. My district is still great, we are all trying to be better and help each other. I just called to be the Coordinating Sister for our zone, which means I'm kinda like the mom and watch over the Hermanas. Our current coordinating sister and her companion are leaving next week for D.C. She was the best and soo amazing, there is now way I'll fill her shoes but I will try. So that will be fun. There are only six Hermanas total in our zone as of now, so that won't be to hard to handle :)
> Well I love you all!!! Thanks for all your love and letters!! Have a fabulous week!
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly

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Jill said...

Both missionaries sound like they are doing great! That is so excited that the man Sean found a taught a bit now wants to be baptized, too bad he isn't there to reap the fruits, but he did take part in that! We continue to pray for Elder and Hermana Daly. Thanks so much for sharing their letters.