Monday, January 5, 2009

Elder Sean~January 5, 2009...transfer and a new Zone Leader!

Dearest Family,

happy 09! For new years we worked until 6 then went over to Zaneta's place with the district and ate some food and played some games. Then we checked out the townsquare.. too many drunk people so we headed home and ate some pancakes, chilled, and watched the fireworks which were pretty cool. Fireworks are completely legal for about 2 weeks in poland so for the last 2 weeks there's just been random explosions everywhere.. and at midnight on new years fireworks were going off for about 45 minutes.. pretty colorful, pretty cool. We had to work new years which was a pretty interesting day.. not a lot of people out at all .. broken bottles and blood all over the street .. so we went and visited some former investigators.
Elder Owen and I had a pretty miracle week.. dad remember how i told you i'd only been let in twice tracting... well we got let in something like 5 times this week... taught some cool lessons and shattered the new investigator record for bydgoszcz.. it was a way cool week. We have a plethera of meetings set up for this week, but unfortunately, im leaving on thursday. Im being transfered to South Warsaw to be a zl with Elder Whipple. He was my zl last transfer up here in bydgoszcz... im way sad to leave elder owen and bydgoszcz but way stoked to go with elder whipple.. he's the man.
Well one of our meetings this week was with this family that we knocked into a week ago.. we came back on saturday on talked with them a little bit. They have 2 daughters (16 and 10) and a son (12) and the the parents. The father and son had to leave part way through the discussion but the whole family is way cool and really open. They had some interesting questions about evolution that were tough to answer but overall we had a way good meeting and have another with them this week. We also have two other families, one a referral that we are going to be meeting with this week.. woot for families! Bydgoszcz is the bomb diggity.
Thanks for the gingerbread house.. i felt like a whole in my holiday season was filled with that package :-)

pictures.... next week? i promise, i half promise... ill try :-)

love you guys,

elder sean

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